Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Is The Honeymoon Over And Do We Need A Tea Party 3.0?

Remember the Tea Party? It was formed virtually overnight almost eight years ago as a reaction to the overreach and overspending by both political parties. It could have taken root in either major party or neither but as it was, Obama and company were overtly hostile to the movement and the slippery Republicans paid lip service to the disaffected and welcomed them with slimy arms and cold steel daggers hidden beneath their oily cloaks.

A lot has changed since then, most notably the national debt which more or less doubled from about $10 trillion to around $20 trillion. That is significant. Barack Obama will lose a lot of ground but the he won the war of the debt. We will feel his influence for decades to come.

For better or worse, Obama has prevented his successors from getting too creative with finances. It's all been spent, so forget about it. Or so we thought. Now we are hearing about an infrastructure (isn't that what we used to call pork?) bill with a trillion dollar price tag? Didn't the Dems already do something like that in 2009? What do we have to show for it?

It is my viewpoint, and I hope Tea Partiers concur, that the national debt represents a greater problem than crumbling bridges. Even if I am wrong in my assessment, is it not the responsibility of state and local governments to repair their worn out structures?

Profligate spending is profligate pending regardless of who might hold the credit card. For once, can't we have a president who is on our side? Is the honeymoon over already?

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