Thursday, November 3, 2016

If Hillary Is Not Indicted BEFORE The Election, The System Is Hopelessly Rigged

You can hear the pundits and the thugs and zombies whine about the timing of the arrest right before election day. Yes, but Clinton and her co-conspirators should have been indicted last July, if not sooner. We recently learned that the FBI had Abedin's loaded laptop for three weeks. Why did they not immediately kick start the wheels of justice? Clearly, the FBI wanted to help Hillary run out the clock.

Clinton should have been indicted in July, if not sooner. She certainly should have been indicted before the Democrat convention. Nonetheless, there has been ample time to correct a grievous series of wrongs. Once more, Crooked Comey aided and abetted in the cover-up. If he can get Hillary elected, Obama can pardon her and America is safe for plutocracy.

Are you as corrupt as you look, Director Comey? The next few days will tell.

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