Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving On What Might Be Our Best Ever

A man I begrudgingly grew to respect over the years is Rudy Giuliani. New Yorkers tell me that when he became mayor, the citizens instantly saw and felt a positive transformation. The porn shops were replaced by things like Disney Stores. Harlem went from Beirut to Yuppieville in a few short years. Thugs were relocated upstate. Monuments were restored and thereafter protected. Forget about defecating or sleeping in Battery Park and if you get caught vandalizing a shrine you will wish that you had performed your dastardly deed in a liberal enclave like Nebraska or Mississippi. Rudy ushered in a New York Renaissance that continues to this day.

Donald Trump has not even taken office and our spirits are rising. We sense that things might just get batter this time around. Maybe, just maybe, the swamp, the fetid, sewage-laden swamp, will finally get drained. Gestapo wannabes of the Lois Lerner variety will be sent packing. So too, the Jonathan Grubers, the James Comeys, The Loretta Lynchs...oh let's not ruin our appetites on this glorious day.

We prayed for a leader. A leader was given to us. Let us all be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!

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