Thursday, November 10, 2016

Donald Trump Did The Impossible: He Made Watching PBS Fun

I don't expect anyone to watch all nine hours of this. The only time I can watch PBS, CNN, MSNBC, or any network or listen to NPR is when things go bad for the establishment. November 8 was one such evening.

I switched to PBS after the sun was setting on Hillary and I will confess to some schadenfreude. Scroll through and observe the changes in voice, facial expressions and body language as the inevitable is realized. They go from almost giddy to downright mournful and you can fast forward through the nauseating parts.

I wanted to include a few highlights but....this is PBS. Who cares? I will make note that at around 8:19:xx to 8:20:xx they repeat the now discredited falsehood that Russia has interfered with our election.

There are some gold nuggets here if you are willing to sift through the sand. What a wonderful evening.


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