Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tom Brady, The Left, Hyperpolitics, Pack Journalism, Witch Hunts, Blatant Media Bias Condensed For Your Enjoyment

Even if you don't follow football, this story should disturb you. Why? For one thing, it shows how the Left has covertly infiltrated every aspect of our culture. Two, it illustrates once more, that everything is political--even things like sports and weather and escapism--for the Left.

A bit of background. When The Boston Bruins were invited to the White House following their Stanley Cup championship, goalie Tim Thomas boycotted the procession, making no secret of his dislike for President Obama. Years later, the Patriots win the Super Bowl and are invited to the White House. Brady, who is rumored to disapprove of the president (either his policies, his thuggish actions, his trollish personality or possibly all of these things) discreetly cites a family commitment and skips the photo op.

Years later, Tom Brady is accused of deflating footballs to make them easier to handle in cold weather. The news media is unusually vicious and the NFL is unusually aggressive. Then it is revealed that Brady is a friend of Donald Trump. The front office turns up the heat.

Two facts that would have been significant in a bygone era: 1. It was never proved that Brady or anyone else deflated footballs. 2. There is no evidence that his performance improved if he did deflate footballs. An entire year was played out under increased scrutiny and Brady had one of his best seasons ever. But Brady snubbed Obama, he is friends of Donald Trump, and Commissioner Roger Goodell is chummy with Barack Obama. Thus, Brady is awarded a four game suspension.

The Leftists in the media (which is to say all of them) will give the reprobate no rest. The Left, once more, ruins something good.

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