Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Never-Trumpers Might Yet Get Hillary Elected

Limbaugh and even the more even-minded Howie Carr registered a lot of angst and disgust at the Republicans who have been so quick to dump on Donald Trump. But if you look at the Republicans/Cons who are twisting the steel, most of them we do not need anyway.

Sure, it hurts to lose Mike Lee or Jason Chaffetz. There is something suspicious about the mass of Mormons who have pledged their allegiance to Hillary. Not just those two but also Mitt Romney, Gleen Beck and Mia Love. What's up, guys? Can you let us in on your little secret?

But let's face it. Paul Ryan has already revealed his fraudulent nature. Was he ever on our side? Was Kelly Ayotte ever on anyone but Kelly's side? Or Susan Collins? Or John McCain?

A lot of people have noticed that everyone at Fox News not named Hannity or Pirro has turned on Trump. I still watch Fox Business News from time to time but I can't watch those other weasels. I was never a Gutfeld fan and it is hard to click on a network that has given that unfunny, not particularly insightful guy, three shows. These are political class wannabes. Did you expect them to support us?

Howie Carr mentioned Arnold Schwarzenegger, William Weld and Kathy Lee Gifford. Who cares? We can have a lot of fun with all of them but how many votes could they deliver anyway?

So many of these invertebrates were just looking for an excuse to jump ship. That silly ass, eleven-year-old Billy Bush tape--lame as it is--provided the justification. It's not like they were helping us anyway.The old rule of thumb was that every twelfth member was a Judas. With Republicans, that number is about four in one. Most of them are worthless to either side but there might be enough Benedict Arnolds to tip the scales in Hillary's favor.

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