Friday, October 14, 2016

The Bad News Is The Clintons Control The Media. The Good News...

Is that most people don't believe the media anymore.

1. Gallup  tracks the ongoing decline of dinosaur media.

2. American journalists no longer gathers news. They filter news and they are proud of their work.
     Compare and contrast the roles of MSM with Wikileaks, DC Leaks, Judicial Watch or Anonymous.
     Simply put, the new outlets want more news, the old outlets want less news. In "Fahrenheit 451" firemen
     are deployed to burn books. A similar irony now exists with journalism. Traditionally, we think of                  reporters as people who tell us something we do not know. In the case of Wikileaks or Judicial Watch,
     reporters are dispatched to discredit the purveyors of information. "They have right wing ties." "Russia is
     behind this outbreak of news."
     Fiction cannot compete with reality. Arson-engaging firemen is not quite as absurd as news-suppressing

3. The most significant stories are ignored by the American journalism gild even after they are exposed by                others. To list but three:

     A.) Russia is preparing its citizens for nuclear war with the US. Comment: To cover this development is to
          expose the shortcomings of the Obama Administration and the Clinton State Department.
     B.) Voter fraud is widespread. Comment: Wholesale voter fraud is being performed by the Democrats
            and in their unending loyalty to the Democratic Party, the media will not touch this.
     C.) Starvation and chaos in oil-rich Venezuela. Comment: Covering this story could cloud the pipe dream
           of Bernie Sanders' socialist paradise.

        3 suppressed stories. We could probably come up with 300. That's why we have a blogosphere.

4. This point is related to the three above but bears mentioning. Even for domestic news, foreign outlets  
     provide information American outlets will not touch. The British tabs, "Russia Today", "Al Jazeera",
     "Canada Free Press" to name but a few stars that sometimes shine. Thank you, DARPA.

5. Donald Trump has pledged to fight the corporate media establishment. At last! No other  
    Republican--or anyone else for that matter--has had the gonads to fight this multi-headed monster.
    Only Trump has identified big media as enemy and is willing to fight them for us.
    This is Yuge!

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