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My Email To Sam Vaknin Concerning Obama Surrendering The Reins Of Power

Now that it is established that Obama is taunting and poking Russia in the run up to a close election that could spell personal disaster should his party's candidate loses, it might be good to re-examine the personality of a man who would treat the fate of the world in such a frivolous manner. 

We explored the personality of BHO before.  Leading up to that article, this writer contacted Sam Vaknin, a professed narcissist who writes and lectures extensively on the subject. I did ask permission from Mr. Vaknin to publish his response but I do not think he would mind, either. 

November 2, 2014:

Mr. Vaknin:

I blog at Post Obotomy Syndrome. I have embedded your Youtube videos on occasion and I appreciate your insights into malignant narcissism.

Conspiracy-inclined people tell me that Obama will not leave office at the end of two terms. They believe that he will either illegally clutch and hold the reins of power or he will initiate chaos in the form of war or terrorism or possibly even start a civil war.

I used to dismiss these fears but I no longer do so. A man who cultivates his own deification has a sense of grandeur few of us can understand. This man's addiction to adulation is frightening. When a crisis emerges, he performs fundraisers or pep rallies. He cannot even briefly give up the adoring crowds, the flash bulbs, the attention.

Also concerning is Barack Obama's possible inability to separate fantasy and reality. To lie and deceive on such a constant basis when he knows his lies will be discovered suggests something other than a moral shortcoming. Does he believe that his speech creates and defines reality? 

You said there is danger when a malignant narcissist's internal world collides with reality. Do you see a soft landing for America? Do you see a routine transfer of power and an ex-president satisfied with his scaled down status? I respect your opinion on these matters.

Mr. Vaknin responded the same day. I am hihglighting Mr. Vaknin's comments and I am printing the email verbatim with all its many links. 

Thank you for your kind words, William!Above all else, narcissists are cowards. No risk of Obama clinging to power. The risk to rewrd ratio is too daunting.

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Postscript October 23, 2016: I think Vaknin got it wrong.

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