Thursday, October 27, 2016

Let Us Say Our Prayers For Julian Assange

If you were a plutocrat in the mold of George Soros or Hillary Clinton and someone held damning information about you that will be released upon his death, what would you do? You would probably neutralize that person's communication while signalling to the world that he is alive and well.

There is something wrong with the Wikileaks picture. Something drastically wrong. Try doing web searches on Julian Assange's mortality. I hope you get better results than I do. Here is the latest crumb of information from, where else, a UK tab.

From the same tab, The Express, we learn that Assange spoke via telephone to an Argentinian computer conference. Julian Assange is among other things, an attention seeker. That is not a criticism, it is a fact. He has a sense of importance and purpose and he has always wanted to get his message out. Assange loves the spotlight.

So it does seem odd that Assange would turn into a wallflower in the weeks leading up to the US Presidential election. It's beyond odd. It's too coincidental to be a coincidence. You don't need a weatherman to know a tornado just leveled your trailer.

I admit my confusion as to how a dead man's switch works and how it is activated. The explanations I receive do not make sense to me. Assange posted some encrypted messages about two weeks ago that I thought was the opening of the floodgates. Not so.

Assange is probably in bad hands and we can hope and pray and demand answers. Meanwhile, something is wrong with this picture.

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