Thursday, October 20, 2016

If A Republican Accepts Voter Fraud, He Is Not On Our Side

So the takeaway from last night's debate is that Mike Pence will accept a rigged system and Trump will not.

In the wake of two Peoject Veritas bombshell videos showing a DNC-coordinated election rigging conspiracy, Donald Trump is asked to accept the result of the vote-counting, whatever that might be. Trump demurs.

Finally! Finally we have a candidate who is willing to fight a rigged system for the benefit of the honest voter. Living in New Hampshire, I will likely see my vote cancelled several times over by the vote of an illegal immigrant, a Massachusetts street person bussed into a border town like Nashua, or an out of state student who will vote in the Granite State while also voting with an absentee ballot in their native state. The system is rigged and Donald Trump is standing up for the peasants, pundits be damned.

This is an old story but a story MSM will not touch. Thank you, Donald Trump, for making voter fraud a campaign issue.

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