Monday, September 5, 2016

If There Isn't A Racist Right Wing Conspiracy, Hillary Will Invent One.

I immerse myself in the blogosphere and until Hillary made mention of it, I had never heard of alt-right. It sounded like something from the early nineties when newsgroups and the Internet were pretty much the same thing. I am certain there was an alt.politics.right or something close to it but I missed out on that.

I found an interesting link that tries to explain alt-right. Whereas I sort of agree with the writer's analysis, I would phrase things differently. I am of the strong belief that there is no such thing as a right wing, in the sense that there is such a thing as a left wing.

All Leftists can be described accurately in two words: Authoritarian elitists. The right wing is used to classify a myriad of philosophies opposed to authoritarian elitism. The right wing is diverse, so diverse as to have no static or general meaning. Linear geometry is deceptive in describing these things.

Authoritarian elitism, or Leftism, would describe the Communists, the Maoists, the Nazis, jihadists, the European Union and the American bureaucratic state. Each of these has a core membership that endorses its own superiority which justifies its ultimate authoritarianism. The resistance--any and all who oppose the Leftist establishment--cannot be so easily described in two words.

Donald Trump does not equal Ron Paul does not equal Mike Medved does not equal Jed Babbin does not equal Jerry Falwell, Jr...We could go on all day. Let's shift our attention to the Leftist media. ABC = NBC = CBS=NPR=fill in the blank. The biases are identical. Their verbiage is identical. Overnight, illegal aliens become immigrants and every journalist follows suit. Unanimity of perspective on matters great and small. That is the Left.

Leftists project their own viewpoint on the resistance. If theirs is an echo chamber, then their perceived right wing must also be an echo chamber. They cannot conceive of anything other than a vast chorus singing from the same hymnal. Projection.

Leftists are predictable and they dutifully adopt the cookie cutter opinions handed down from on high. The resistance knows the Left but the Left does not know the resistance. They do not care to know the resistance. They might be interested in a quote that could be taken out of context but Media Matters or Right Wing Watch can provide them so why bother listening to one's social inferiors?

Both the Left and the Resistance view the other through their own distorted lens. The Left is a thought collective. They don't mind being told exactly what to think and specifically how to express Left-sanctioned ideas. They are largely dependent on cliches and slogans handed down from on high. Anyone who does not use their approved slogans is labeled a racist or a bigot.

Leftists believe members of the Resistance are as goose steppy as their own comrades. Rush Limbaugh assigns talking points in a manner similar to the "New York Times". They cannot comprehend that there is no "paper of record" for the Resistance to parrot.  The collective cannot recognize individuals. They can only see a counter-collective.

The Resistance similarly sees the Left in their own image. The Resistance believes in facts and they wrongly believe that Leftists can be swayed with facts. Over the past eight years we have independently and collectively (shuddering to use that term) demonstrated that this administration is the most corrupt and abusive and destructive in history. We have made the case that this administration has consistently placed foreign interests ahead of American interests.

We have shown that gun proliferation advances public safety, that global warming had to be rebooted and relabeled because there was enough warming, and that most Americans have fared poorly under Obama. The facts might be on our side but ask Marcia Clark or Christopher Darden how much facts mean to a Leftist jury. A cheesy rhyme and the drum beat of racism were as wave upon wave to the prosecution's sand castle.

The Resistance is pitted against a dream team of diversion and a largely post-factual jury. Meanwhile, Hillary searches for a Mark Fuhrman. He isn't out there. We don't have any Bull Connor/George Wallace/ Lester Maddox/Robert Byrd types on our side.

Hillary might be frail and forgetful (at least when talking to the FBI) but she can still fabricate with the best of them. The race card worked for OJ. Maybe it will work for Hillary too.

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