Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hillary Cancels Fundraiser "Without Reason"

From Zero Hedge

The Clinton event was billed as “lunch with Hillary Rodham Clinton” and had four donation levels to attend. Those contribution levels were described as $100,000, which featured “chair reception with Hillary,” $33,000, which included a “host reception with Hillary,” $5,000, which included “preferred seating” and $2,700.
No reason was given for postponement of the Clinton event, which was planned to take place at the home of Betty Craven and Michael Warner.
Is Hillary's health once again becoming an issue?

The MSM is downplaying this but the locals can't ignore the story.


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Hoosierman said...

I'm beginning to wonder if she is a credible candidate. She has 4 events scheduled between now and October 19. Those 4 events are 3 debates and 1 fund raiser. In comparison the cast of West Wing has 7. WTF? https://hillaryspeeches.com/scheduled-events/