Friday, September 30, 2016

A Silhouette In The Sunset

So let’s just stick to what we know.  In 1979, he moved to Los Angeles to study at Occidental College under the name of Barry Soetoro.  He later transferred to the home of Cloward and Piven:  Columbia University in New York.  Ironically, in 2008, the Wall Street Journal reported that 400 random Columbia classmates from his class of 1983 have claimed to have never met him.  In fact, within the same Wall Street Journal article, the following questions were also raised:

“Why not release his Columbia transcript? Why has his senior essay gone missing?”

Furthermore, the 2008 Libertarian Party vice-presidential candidate, Wayne Allyn Root, in an article written on August 6, 2012, questioned “his” attendance at Columbia University.  This is very interesting considering Root was also one of Columbia University’s 700 graduating students in 1983 and was in the Political Science department of which had only 150 graduating students that year.  How is it that, out of only 150 students all attending similar classes at the same time, cannot remember such an eloquent and charismatic smooth operator now?  Not even one?   Moreover, in October 2007, the New York Times ran a piece about “him”.   In this article it comments regarding his:

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