Saturday, August 13, 2016

Oh, By The Way, ISIS Does Have Terrorist Cells In Mexico: Judicial Watch

An ISIS operative arrested and criminally charged in Ohio this month has confirmed that the terrorist group has cells in Mexico, according to federal authorities. Judicial Watch has reported this for years, documenting it in aseries of articles as part of an ongoing investigation on the connection between drug cartels, corruption and terrorism on the southern border. In fact, last spring Judicial Watch broke a story about an ISIS camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas in an area known as “Anapra” situated just west of Ciudad Ju├írez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

Judicial Watch

1 comment:

Moose said...

This totally comes as no surprise...
Are we so stupid as to not believe that they have been
tip toeing across our border--for years?!?!?!...
Er, question: Why does the Mexican government do
NOTHING about this?