Tuesday, August 9, 2016

John Batchelor vs.Donald Trump

I like the diversity of thought as well as the variety of style in fifth estate radio. John Batchelor is pompous and pedantic but I do appreciate his approach. He wants to do high brow conservatism. So there are discussions of things like space travel, the fall of the Neanderthal, dogs, history, Russia, Israel, Islamic terrorism and much, much more.

Batchelor's show is a series of interviews, four segments per hour. Certain guests, Malcolm Hoenlein and Monica Crowley for instance, are awarded more than one segment. Generally speaking the show is informative and fast moving.

The caveat of Batchelor is that he is GOP establishment all the way. He is perhaps the only person in talk radio who can be characterized that way. He was hostile to the Tea Party and even more venomous towards Donald Trump. Earlier in the day, Trump delivered a speech in Detroit that might be a game changer. If Trump stays on message he will likely win the White House.

Last night I listened to one hour of Batchelor's show. In the first hour he hosted Mary Kissel from "Wall Street Journal". WSJ also loathes Trump. It's a job requirement. Per usual she pointed out all the ineptitude of the Trump campaign. She also said Ryan is leading Nehlen by a margin of 80 to 14.  I guess we find out soon enough about that one.

In the second segment Batchelor brought on a "Washington Post" shill to discuss the execution of a recently-executed Iranian spy. No need to link this because it is all over the web and elsewhere. The WAPO hack had two objectives: 1. Exonerate Hillary. 2. Blame the viralization of this story entirely on Donald Trump. Mission accomplished with an assist to the host of the show.

Batchelor then brought on someone to discuss the merits of free trade. The guest expert delivered the day with arguments that only a Sanders-Castro idiot would not be able to understand. Unfortunately, Batchelor framed the entire interview with the "Trump is anti-trade" meme. More than a slight exaggeration as I see it.

Batchelor had a fourth segment where he discussed The Veteran's Administration and just how helpless Donald Trump would be to improve this leviathan. More hot air from Trump.

Yes, I appreciate the diversity of thought and style on fifth estate radio but the cryptic editorializing by the likes of Batchelor is creepy. As with the MSM, it is disingenuous. Listening to them (Batchelor or MSM)  one feels like one has been targeted by flimflam artists intent on selling them driveway pavement of extremely dubious quality. It is at times like this that I appreciate the honesty of the Limbaughs who put their cards on the table and who never try to hide their editorializing.

Caveat listener!

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