Thursday, August 25, 2016

If Hillary Wins

In a partisan, subjective way, I can say that if Hillary wins, it will be catastrophic.

In a non-partisan, objective way, I can say that if Hillary wins, it will be catastrophic.

My partisan fear is that Hillary will turn us into the next Venezuela. Emboldened by her impunity from prosecution, Hillary will push the envelope in lawlessness. Building on Obama's abuses of power such as this country has never before witnessed (see previous post concerning Kimberly Strassel) the Clintons will sic the IRS, DOJ, SEC, FEC, FTC, FCC, EPA as well as the news media to settle scores with her critics.The politically connected will do well but the rest of us will live in New Detroit if not Chavez City.

Putting on a non-partisan hat, if Hillary is elected, America's survival is in jeopardy. That might sound alarmist to some ears but ask yourself this: Can a sovereign nation survive a seditious head of state?

We are no longer discussing Travelgate or cattle futures. That was kid stuff. We are no longer discussing Tammany Hall or Boss Tweed or the City That Used To Work. Whatever else might be said about the original Mayor Daley, he did not cut deals with America's antagonists.

Hillary has crossed a dozen Rubicons. To accept donations from ANY foreign government including Canada and Norway is an extreme conflict of interest. To accept $32 million in bribes from Bahrain, $25 million from Saudi Arabia, $10 million from Kuwait, millions from Qatar, Brunei, Oman, UAE is seditious activity. It prompts the question: Is America still a sovereign country?

Hillary is not a Quisling, deftly concealing  her true motives. That is not to say that she is transparent, but nonetheless, the whole world knows the Clintons are open for business and America is for sale. Graft has sprouted sedition. Sedition has not just been tolerated, it has become the new normal.

 Can any country survive treason at the highest levels?

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