Thursday, August 11, 2016

If Assange Or Judicial Watch Does Not Release Anything, It Is A Slow News Day

Let us all thumb our noses at the mainstream media and their movie star salaries. Every day I wake up and do a search on Assange and Judicial Watch. If there is no catch of the day, I shift my focus to the Olympics or Red Sox or possibly Hillary's ever-declining health and mental status.

Maybe it is asking too much for CNN, AP, NYT, et al, to do what Wikileaks is doing. But anyone with persistence and integrity could do what Judicial Watch is doing. Just keep filing FOIA's and see what you reel in.

Barack Obama's bogus and fraudulent to the point of silliness autobiography was mot fact checked until about three years into his presidency. Then, it was not checked by CBS, NBC, HuffPo, Mother Jones, et al. No, it took an independent researcher (and Obama acolyte BTW) David Maraniss. Add Fox News and Glenn Beck and every other media fixture missing in action.

More Assange!


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