Friday, August 19, 2016

Fan Mail

I just finished reading your book. I was starting part 3 when my kindle needed to be recharged so part 3 is what i read today. it was fabulous of course. i really enjoyed reading your perspective - you know - except when you brought up atrocities from the current administration i hadn't focused on for a while. then i got mad - again. i wish i could force every american whether they are of voting age or not to read this. it's very insightful - has a very different but i think accurate portrayal of obama and his followers. of course - it also begs for the second book in a series.

you have a gift for writing without anger but with passion. you never offend the reader to the point they can just write you off as nutcase - while still dancing them around the room and making everything in your book irrefutable. yet - clearly laid out - stated well - with plenty of examples - i still don't understand how obama not only made it to the wh - he did so twice. your book really helped clarify this and i was about insane trying to figure out how this happened. while i can't say i have ever voted for a president - i have become very skilled at holding my nose while voting against a presidential candidate. why can't the rest of america do the same?

i am with your hesitant belief obama might pull a fast one to stay in office - i agree he is definitely capable of sacrificing large swaths of people to get to the brass ring. i don't know if this scares me more - or what he will do if trump wins the election and by god - we will be punished for being so stupid. he will have time to destroy anything left of us before trump is sworn in.  even if he steps down he will never go away until he dies. he purchased a home in D.C. to make sure he's close by - to save his programs - to criticize the next president - to be able to find a microphone immediately. i also think the press will still consider anything he has to say over whatever the current sitting president has to say. he is never going away.

i especially liked reading "get a new family." it really is the easier route i think. N doesn't speak to me over politics - or so i'm guessing. she unfriended me on f/b rather abruptly and i haven't heard anything from her since. i hadn't posted on her wall in over a year. i moved her down to acquaintance status in hopes of never seeing anything she posted. i don't even go on f/b anymore but had to recently to p.m. someone i didn't know how to reach any other way. and there she was at the top of my feed - spouting off. i made one comment which she declared was "the dumbest thing she ever heard me say." i left it alone. two days later i had to go back for the same reason but posted an article on my page while i was there. she commented on my page "Laura Ingram site so not credible." i didn't let that one go and now i have no idea if she will ever speak to me again or not. obama - and by default hillary - truly are breaking up relationships and families. everyone is aware REDACTED is a very intelligent man. REDACTED and i have moved him to the stupid column because of his politics. so has many others on REDACTED side of the family. they often inquire REDACTED about -"what is wrong with REDACTED?" you appear to have a higher tolerance of mingling with the masses.

back to your book. i think you should use it as a resume for a permanent position as a journalist opinion writer - or something like it. you really do have tremendous writing and clarification skills. you are also humble and humorous in the process. your analogies and observations are original but spot on, and i think you'd have a huge audience right out of the gate. you need to be submitting your blog posts and your book to places where they pay you big bucks to write this stuff. you're writing it anyway so ---

sorry to hear your writing comes at such a cost. but telling us so makes us empathize as well as see you as truly dedicated.  your whole persona was perfect. it was "i'm going to show and tell you all the reasons why you are an idiot but in such a way you will still like me when you're done reading. and you will agree you've been an idiot."  who else can do that?

i wish i could concentrate better and express myself better but those days are gone. i just want you to know i read your book yesterday and today - and want to shower you with praise. i can't find my words.  

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