Saturday, July 23, 2016

Trump's Speech

It's tough being a blogger these days. Yes, there is plenty of material but given the time table for mayhem and terrorist activity it is hard to keep up with events as they unfold. Eerily, we are starting to measure time seemingly scheduled terrorist attacks.

I still had a few things to say about James Comey and his salaried do nothings. That was how many attacks ago? Let's see, there was Dallas and Baton Rouge and Kansas City, Instabul, Bastille Day (Sorry I cannot call it the Nice attack. Something gets lost in translation,) the Axman and Munich. For brevity sake I am skipping over the ambushed cops non-fatally attacked in places like Tennessee. Missouri and where else? Excuse me if my memory goes foggy burdened with all this detail.

Ted Cruz notwithstanding the GOP put on an impressive convention. If your name is Kasich or Ayotte and you are so much better than the New Republicans, you probably made a yuge miscalculation. You have established your sense of superiority. Now what?

It is hard to write this without addressing the Never Trumpers but those buffoons and hypocrites and jackasses will have to wait. It's now all about you, Glenn Beck. We are moving on without you.

The Dems will kick off their convention in two days and I predict it will provide a study in contrast. Remember 2004? The Republicans presented upbeat speaker after upbeat speaker whose collective message could be distilled to read: "Life is tough but so are we. Bring it on." The collective message of the Democrats seemed to be: "Life itself is a cruel burden inflicted on the middle class by Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld."

Given the zeitgeist the RNC was absurdly upbeat. It featured speaker after speaker with accomplishments whose enthusiasm just could not be contained. Yes, Trump's kids are impressive. So is his wife. So are his friends. Enjoy their images before they get Palinized by the MSM.

Yes, Trump's speech was long. Was it 72 or 76 minutes? Who cares? There was a lot of ground to cover and I think he touched most of the bases. Hillary said that Trump did not offer solutions. What's one more lie from that False Witness?  Trump laid out a multitude of solutions, the most important being that we rid Washington of the bandits who now run the show. Minimizing corruption would yield a giant benefit for all Americans not named Clinton or Obama.

Trump's speech was a masterpiece! No poetics or flowery images. No points of light or cities on a hill. It was Churchillian in its minimizing of Latin words for the more emotionally-powerful Anglo-Saxon words. Words like "bad," for instance.

The pundits know that most people did not watch Trump's speech and therefore they could spin it any way they like. Dark. Negative. Divisive. What I did not see was a tally of the standing ovations Trump received. Yes, this was a partisan crowd but I believe strongly--as do his critics--that Trump's speech would resonate well anywhere it was played.

Some comedians will cut a routine short if they get a really good laugh. They want to quit on a high note. I thought Trump might do something similar. There were plenty of times he could have left with the crowd going wild. Instead, he carried on. There is so much to be said about these troubled times.

Trump introduced himself by saying "My fellow Americans." This is a larger message for the country not just Jeb and Paul and Mitch. You are either with us or against us, GOP!

My only criticism was the speech concluded and the music cued. What song? The Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want." At first that seemed like a giant miscue. On further reflection, it was genius at play. Listen to the lyrics:

                                     You can't always get what you want
                                     But if you try sometime
                                     You just might find
                                     You get what you need

BRILLIANT! The Donald was not my first choice. He might not have been in my top 5. Many of us did not get what we want. We got what we need.

America needs Donald Trump!

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