Thursday, July 7, 2016

Another Day, Another Great Discovered Blog

I love the blogosphere. It's like the library used to be back in the day when we could still believe the MSM.

From the Z Man

There’s another way to look at it. That is, the ruling class has lost control of the reigns and they can no longer police themselves. Hillary Clinton has no business being president. It’s absurd even without the massive corruption and criminality. Hillary’s crowning achievement was marrying Bill Clinton 50 years ago. Even a deeply corrupt and incompetent ruling class should be able to filter out the likes of Hillary Clinton. The fact that they cannot bring themselves to flush her from the system when they have an iron clad criminal case against her is ominous.

There’s another angle here. The whole “Arkanside” thing is a fun gag, but it does appear that the ruling class is playing much tougher with one another. Judge Roberts was either blackmailed or threatened into reversing his opinion on ObamaCare. That’s incandescently obvious. FBI Director Comey’s erratic performance yesterday suggests there’s more here than just a man suddenly changing his mind about law enforcement. He has prosecuted many others for these exact same crimes. ============================================================================================================================================================================================================ This blogger agrees with the Z Man. We have traditionally tolerated peccadillos from the ruling class because we believed them to be good and noble people, and they usually were. At one point--about 7 years ago in my view--we desdended into thuggery. Let's face it. Things have changed.

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