Sunday, July 3, 2016

Am I The Only One Who Harbors Doubts About James Comey's Integrity? And Would It Make A Difference?

Call me a cynic. I have heard it said repeatedly that FBI Director, James Comey is a man of unending, undying, overflowing integrity. Really? And we base this judgment on what exactly?

Let us just assume Comey is an honest man. He is directing one of the most corrupt agencies America has ever produced. This is an agency that needlessly burned children alive at Waco. They murdered a woman and her 14 year old son at Ruby Ridge, Idaho.  Perhaps to keep their skills sharp, the FBI killed Ibragim Todashev on May 22, 2013.

The FBI's Boston field office out-mafiaed the mafia. They let a homicide take place that they could have prevented and then sent four innocent men to prison to protect an informant. Their lawlessness predated Whitey Bulger's reign of terror by over a decade. In an Orwellian rewriting of history they created a Bulger/Connolly/Southie mythology that omits H. Paul Rico from the narrative. In return for "technical assistance" and the veneer of legitimacy, the creators of the horse shit movie, "Black Mass" conspicuously erase the ongoing significant influence of one, H. Paul Rico, a retired FBI agent who died in jail awaiting trial for murder. 

Space and time does not allow for the airing of all of the Fibby's dirty laundry. We do need to mention Robert Hanssen, a former FBI counter-espionage big shot, is now serving 15 life sentences for selling US secrets to both the Russians and the Soviets. And of course, the Bureau's greatest hits will always be headlined by J. Edgar Hoover who allowed his agency to be baptized by the high priests of organized crime shortly after its birth. It would be a cozy relationship that would continue for the duration of Hoover's life.

So even if the unfounded rumors that James Comey is a man of high integrity happens to have a coating of truth, this saintly figure has descended into a pit of vipers. Does anyone really think he can herd snakes?

"What do you want? Tears?" H. Paul Rico

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