Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Reservation About Ted Cruz

I believe that Ted Cruz is constitutionally eligible to be president. He was born in Canada to a father who was Canadian but his mother was and is American. I also believe that Barack Obama is ineligible even though he was born in Hawaii because he was adopted by a foreign national as a child.

I believe that John Roberts has been corrupted and cannot be trusted to deliver an honest decision. The Dems are comfortable losing hundreds of seats because they control the bureaucracies and courts and they run these institutions without regard to things like legality, constitutional safeguards, equal treatment under the law or even a sense of fair play. For the Dems, the courts are but one more deck of cards to stack.

Should Cruz get the nomination expect multiple challenges to his eligibility. With that stated, I think Cruz is the best hope for the resistance. He wins more or less by default. I had better hopes for Perry and Walker but their flaws showed sooner rather than later. Trump is a populist and he appeals to my populist streak but I would be more comfortable with someone who shares my basic principles.

I like Rand Paul on paper but I wish he was more hawkish. Stylistically I do not like the way he sucks up to the media. Whereas Trump puts the media whores in their place, Paul goes on CNN to bash the Donald. Do not even try to curry favor with those snakes, Dr. Paul.

The final straw with Paul came in the last debate when he made good points about the dangers of installing a no-fly zone in Syria and then delivered a cheap shot to Chris Christie about Bridgegate. once more, Paul decided to parrot the MSNBC party line to bash a Republican. Maybe 2024 but not this year.

Carly and Carson have faded. Neither candidate was prepared for the big time. Kasich and Christie are RINO's several times over. Oh, I forgot to mention Bush. Oh well. He will soon be an afterthought.

That leaves Rubio from the big stage. This guy has gone from Tea Party to Establishment faster than Scott Walker. Trey Gowdy's endorsement just won't seal the deal for me. Maybe 2024.

Cruz seems like the strongest viable choice for constitutionalists. Brace yourself for the eligibility challenge.

David Spade Barely Criticizes Obama And The Empire Strikes Back

Here are eight years of Obama distilled in two short videos.

David Spade stated the obvious. Obama is first and last a celebrity in constant need of praise and adoration. ff anything, Spade greatly understated the thirst for attention that consumes the overgrown child in the White House. Nonetheless, TMZ performed due diligence to extract a clarification or retraction or apology from Spade.


One can say that TMZ is not real news media, they are entertainment media. In the Obama Era we have witnessed a harmonious convergence within the fourth estate. The once distinct strata "bleed into one."