Friday, December 4, 2015

Sometimes We Laugh Because We Have Exhausted All Other Options

These are laugh out loud stupid tweets. White Christian males terrorize Planned Parenthood...oops! Well they did have guns!

Kudos to the good people at As the San Bernardino tragedy was unfolding said blog was scooping the MSM on details including identity of the shooters.

conservative, Conservatives and Conservatism

Let's face it, C J Pearson is a lot smarter than Sean Hannity.


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Interesting CNN Screen Shot

Thanks to Instapundit for the screen shot.

Standing Headline: "What Was The Killers' Motive?"

Let's face it, the terrorists won another battle. They have captured the hearts and minds, such as they are, of the MSM. I was hoping to find out a little about the terrorist (by definition) attack yesterday in California. As the reader might know I am not a big fan of the Fourth Estate. Of course, I believe they are good at pure reporting. As events unfold, they are still the first with who, what, when, where, etc.

As the dust settles and the vitals are recorded, the MSM immediately goes into spin mode. They try to massage the facts to fit their template. Square pegs will fit square holes but they will also be hammered into holes of every other shape. To paraphrase a popular commercial, if you're a journalist, it's what you do.

I gave up early on in my search for information. Reuters, Yahoo, MSN and a few others all offered stupid headlines at the top of their page.
                                    What was the killers' motive?

                                     Was the shooting of 31 people an act of terrorism?

                                     Was this an example of workplace violence, terrorism or possibly a                combination thereof?
                                      Had the shooters' been radicalized?

The banal semantic exercises are insulting to the reader. We saw a small group indoctrinated with an overwhelming hate for infidels commit a series of terrorist acts in a workplace setting. That much is certain. We would like to know the how's but the why's are something known to 100% of the readership. If you are a jihadist, you commit jihad. It's what you do. If you are a terrorist...

In 2001 we did not question subject ourselves to the workplace violence vs. terrorism debate. Even ten years ago, we would not have witnessed such ridiculous verbiage. Then we got a new president who has a soft spot for enemies of The West and a press who has a soft spot for said president.

The press has retreated from acknowledging the obvious. San Bernardino is the new normal and acting perplexed is the new journalistic norm. "What in the world motivated these killers?"

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sharyl Attkisson At Ted-x

We are all familiar with Sharyl Attkisson even if some of us will never be able to spell her name without looking it up. You should also familiarize yourself with TED and the media giant it has become.

Finally, someone takes on Wikipedia and exposes them as the Astroturf phonies they happen to be. She exposes the gaslighting tactics the MSM has used since the dawn of time.

I am surprised Attkisson was asked to speak at a TED Talk. TED reminds me a lot of NPR in that they have some good moments but they also grind political axes in a not exactly forthcoming manner. Talks that have nothing to do with George Bush or global warming will weave in asides that insult W and reinforce the Al Gore Bible. Both Bill Clinton and Al Gore have given TED Talks, BTW (and if the subject isn't 'how to troll for hotties' I don't think either man is an expert.) There is one Talk called "The Return of Wisdom" that involves the arrival of the Obama Presidency. A laugh track is sorely needed.

I have the feeling Attkisson will not be a regular speaker in TEDVILLE.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The joys of pyromania

As you thoughts turn to family during the holiday season imagine the joy of having this young man as a son-in-law. Here's a kid who could bake your turkey from across the street or cook roasting ears while they're still on the stalk.
I think most boys go through a pyromania stage. I certainly did but it was pretty much out of my system by the time I entered high school. In those days laser beams only existed at Aberdeen Proving Grounds or in science fiction. A grade school friend and I built some really good bombs using carbide. Carbide was available at most feed stores and was used to power lamps for those who needed a reliable source of light for a long period of time, people such a coal miners and coon hunters.

Carbide lamps such as the one above were usually mounted on the user's hat which allowed both hands to be free. Carbide, which looks like limestone gravel is placed in the lower chamber and water in the upper chamber. There is a small hole in the upper chamber which allows the water to slowly drip into the lower chamber causing a chemical reaction which produces acetylene gas. Obviously the gas is quite flammable so if it could be trapped in large quantities and ignited it produced an explosion. But what to trap it in? That was always a problem for us. Years later when plastic trash bags became available maintenance men at a local factory would fill trash bags with acetylene from a cylinder, allow them to rise in the in the night sky and then detonate them with a flaming arrow fired from a sling shot. Just imagine the fun they could have had if they had a laser gun like such as the one in the video.