Saturday, September 19, 2015

50 Unasked Questions From The GOP Debate

Governor Bush, you called Donald Trump a weasel but Senator Paul has called him a snake...Not an exact quote from Jake Tapper but you get the gist of it. A three hour food fight without much sustenance. More heat than light as they like to say.

Without trying very hard I came up with 50 questions that could have been asked. I could easily come up with 50 more but I have a birthday party to attend. This is a good start.

1. Do you prefer a strong or weak dollar?

2. Do you support repealing Obamacare?

3. Do you support repealing Dodd-Frank?

4. Do you consider voter fraud a significant problem? If yes, what would your administration do to correct the problem?

5. Would your administration proceed with criminal investigations involving bureaucratic and/or DOJ abuses of power?

6. Would you allow American citizens to own/possess/use toilet tanks that provide sufficient water to flush in an effective manner?

7. Do you prefer freedom of choice in light bulbs?

8. Do you support the prosecution of body part brokers who procure their commodity in an illegal manner?

9. Would you allow American citizens to play poker on their computers?

10. Do you support prosecuting state and municipal officials who provide non-emergency aid to illegal immigrants?

11. Do you believe that religiously-influenced terrorism is a global concern?

12. Do you think the US should stay in NATO? If yes, should the US demand that other members provide a bigger share of resources?

13. Is ISIS a threat to American security?

14. If elected, do you agree to refer to ISIS as ISIL and instruct subordinates to do the same?

15. Is Al Shabaab a threat to American security?

16. Is Boka Haram a threat to American security?

17. Is the Castro cartel a threat to American security?

18. Is FARC a threat to American Security?

19. Are Mexican drug cartels a threat to American security?

20. Are refugees a threat to American security?

21. Would you keep President Obama's non-treaty that is commonly referred to as The Iran Deal intact?

22. Does global warming exist?

23. Are all natural disasters anthropogenic?

24. In general, do you support the use of hydraulic fracturing to procure energy?

25. In general, do you support the use of coal?

26. Do you support the export of American fuel?

27. Do you support the construction of the Keystone pipeline?

28. Do you support the construction of other pipelines?

29. In general, are business-government partnerships a good idea?

30. Do you support collecting metadata on all US citizens?

31. Do you prefer raising the age of Social Security eligibility?

32. Do you prefer raising the age of Medicare eligibility?

33. Is Social Security a legally-sanctioned pyramid scheme?

34. Is the number of Americans receiving disability payments too high, not enough or just right?

35. Does the 10th Amendment apply to marijuana laws? (Thank you Governor Christie for weighing in on this issue ahead of the pack.)

36. Is the Fort Hood massacre an example of workplace violence?

37. Is Russia an enemy, an ally or something else?

38. Should Israel go retro on their borders as our president has suggested?

39. Should Japan play a bigger role in funding their national defense?

40. Should South Korea play a bigger role in funding their national defense?

41. Is North Korea a threat to US security?

42.  Should the US fund higher education? Should there be any stipulations on federal funding?

43. Do you believe the GOP loses every single time they "reach across the aisle?'

44. Do you believe the GOP Congress has betrayed the people who elected them?

45. Do you believe the GOP Congress holds the base of their party in contempt?

46. Do you favor auditing the Federal Reserve?

47. Are there any federal agencies or programs you would eliminate?

48. Does federal spending per se hinder our prosperity?

49. Given that Afghanistan produces most of the world's opium and the Afghani people are not getting rich and the US has a strong presence in Afghanistan and...Oh, excuse me. Nothing to see here folks! Move along!

49a. (To compensate for that ridiculous effort at an inquiry above) Do you believe the Internet should be treated as a public utility?

50. Is the National Debt significant or has its importance been overblown by political opportunists?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

According To PollDaddy, Who Won Second Debate? Hint: Rhymes with Grump

From PollDaddy:
  • BUSH – 1% – 5,240 votes
  • CARSON – 4% – 17,845 votes
  • CHRISTIE – 1% – 5,291 votes
  • CRUZ – 5% – 24,148 votes
  • FIORINA – 16% – 74,513 votes
  • HUCKABEE – 1% – 2,406 votes
  • KASICH – 1% – 5,022 votes
  • PAUL – 4% – 20,037 votes
  • RUBIO – 5% – 23,640 votes
  • TRUMP – 60% – 272,423 votes
  • WALKER – 1% – 3,179 votes<
453,744 Total Votes


Items From My Mailbox: Thanks John H

Here is NPR's final tally for how much air time each main stage candidate got in the primetime debate:
Trump: 18:47
Bush: 15:48
Fiorina: 13:30
Carson: 12:56
Christie: 12:36
Rubio: 11:21
Cruz: 10:45
Paul: 10:28
Kasich: 9:44
Huckabee: 9:20
Walker: 8:29
And the 6 p.m. debate tally:
Graham: 19:47
Santorum: 15:38
Jindal: 13:06
Pataki: 10:58
Our count of the first Republican debate last month showed that frontrunner Donald Trump got more air time than any of the other candidates (around 10 minutes and 30 seconds), followed by Jeb Bush at 8:33. Rand Paul got the least at 4:51. Fox had said it would try to give the candidates equal time to speak.

Items From My Mailbox: Facebook Continues Harassment Of Dissidents

Calling All Conservatives, Libertarians and Patriots: 

We often ask the question concerning the state of our nation, "How Can I Help"? Well, it may be your lucky day because here is something you can do and it's easy. 

Like Our Page: 

One of our fellow Conservative/Libertarian/Patriot activist pages has been deleted by Facebook, effectively silencing the voices of almost 700,000 fans of the page. As a result they are suppressing the information that the page promoted. You all have seen how conservatives and Christians are being shut out and discriminated against. Sadly, this is just another example. Facebook shut down Patriot Nation's Facebook page without reason or explanation, in the middle of the night. A time when most dishonest acts are performed. We can't let even one voice speaking truth be silenced. 

Go to their page, give them a like and then share the page and share the content with your friends. It's that simple. 

Like Our Page: 

Let's help them rebuild what they have spent three years building. 

"We must hang together, or assuredly we shall hang separately". Ben Franklin 

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Two Words: Red Meat

Watching the second GOP debate and the post-debate analysis I have a slightly different perspective about who won and who lost. In a week or a month the candidates who rise in the polls will be the one who served the largest platter of red meat.

Trump is where he is not because of his sterling personality but because he entered the race handing out steaks and chops on immigration. He has allowed himself to drift away from that. He has gotten off-message. When was the last time he said anything about the subject that put him on top?

Carson never sounded so wonkish. Not one but two, that's right two, minimum wages! I got two can I get three? Can I get two and a half?

Christie gave us a 9/11 recollection and I believe it will help him stay afloat.

When we got past Rubio's bad water joke and his humble origins, he sounded Reaganesque.

Cruz also stayed on topic. So too, did Fiorina. They have a firm grip on their grill forks and spatulas.

Rand Paul fumbled the dumb ass Secret Service question. I like Rand but when the subject turns to the Middle East beef might be a better menu option than chicken.

Kasich, more than any other politician on stage, sounded like a politician.

Who won? The red meat candidates.