Friday, September 4, 2015


If Koch Industries is an S corp, then its owners (principally Charles and David Koch) pay individual income taxes on the company’s profits, making them by far the largest individual taxpayers in the United States. Be that as it may, one of two things must be true: either Goolsbee had illegally accessed Koch Industries’ tax returns, or he made it up. So Koch askedthe administration whether someone had been illegally scrutinizing its tax returns. The administration refused to answer.

High praise for Powerline where the entire article can be viewed.

Louis Farrakhan: Just A Guy From The Neighborhood?

Back when I used to blog daily and I followed a given format, this probably would have been posted on Wild Card Wednesday. Like many other bloggers, I am waiting for the Hillarygate other shoe to drop off the laundry. Read: Indictment.

And like other bloggers, I am waiting for a Republican candidate not named Trump or Carley to awaken from their slumber. Let's see, there's only a crushing national debt, a crippling but ever more privileged bureaucratic elite, ongoing jihad, oh and uh a non-treaty cleverly renamed a "Deal" that will give millions of terrorists access to a dirty bomb and will spread conventional nukes to all corners of the world. If only this administration had an Achilles Heel! Maybe if we built a wall on the northern border...

In the meantime, let us enjoy the hope and enlightenment spread by that revered man of the cloth, Louis Farrakhan.


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

That's Not In The Script

In all the many years of watching westerns, I cannot remember a single time the fella in the fancy suit from back East walked into the saloon and started banging cowboys' heads together. The barroom brawl was a staple of Saturday matinee westerns and they were a lot of fun to watch. You could learn a lot about a character by the way he handled himself in a saloon fight.

I was hoping that bedlam would break out in the watering hole after Trump started the ruckus. But the other characters were supposed to jump in on cue. They were supposed to respect the eleventh commandment and start whoopin on the villains in the whiskytorium. CUT!

Cruz and Carson and Huckabee broke a few chairs but only Miss Carley started fighting in earnest. Jeb looks like he's petrified that someone might spill beer on his Docksiders. All hat and no cattle Rick Perry cowers in the corner demanding the ruffian be escorted from the establishment. Can't you see I wear glasses? And Scott Walker took the cue to ride off into the sunset. Roll the credits. Scott Walker was played by Scott Walker but not very well.

I learned to respect Hillary in 2008 because she proved to be a fighter. She did not bow down to the anointed one. She gave him all he wanted. I grew to respect Sarah Palin a lot because unlike her running mate, she was willing to take the fight to the cult leader. I never had a strong opinion of Donald Trump but I did like the way he rode Obama on his birth certificate and never gave the train wreck conductor a phony compliment.

McCain left all of his fight in Nam. Romney turned out to be a cream puff. And if Jeb is the answer he could have stepped up and challenged possibly the worst incumbent in US history. Nope. Wait till the going is easy. How's that working for you, cowboy?

If we reshoot the scene, do you think we will see some action this time? I sure hope so.