Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sarah Palin's Facebook Post

Oh Sarah, I miss you.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How To Trump Trump

Politics seems simple to outsiders like me. Who doesn't think they cannot possibly screw up a campaign as badly as a Schmidt or a Rove or a Sununu? Things that seem obvious often seem obvious because they are obvious.

Here are a few things that seem loudly obvious:

1. Red meat is popular.
2. To appeal to a red meat No quiche. No watery stew. No meat substitutes or products designed to look and taste like beef.
3. If someone monopolizes the grill, get your own damn grill and start handing out fatter and juicier and tastier steaks and chops and burgers.

I heard Pam Gellar on the radio yesterday and she voiced her frustration with anti-jihad inertia. She sounds a lot like Ann Coulter discussing immigration. It's not just the Obama Administration who is allergic to truth. It's not just the Democrats who are addicted to euphemism. We are under attack and no one wants to acknowledge it.

Ann Coulter found her knight in shining armor in the form of Donald Trump. Pam Gellar is still the bridesmaid. Should a Republican page wish to earn his blade and mount, simply identify and denounce and attack jihad. Terrorism has a larger built-in audience than immigration.

One problem with stating the obvious is that no one will pay you for your advice. Consultants are paid to muffle Sarah Palin and to take Benghazi off the table and to attack Tea Party members. Meanwhile, Donald Trump speaks loud and clear and leaves the entire political class scratching their heads. Anyone else want to serve up a few burgers?