Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kim Dotcom: 2016 is the year when we bring the Internet Party to the US.

"Julian Assange hates Hillary Clinton" and "2016 is the year when we bring the Internet Party to the US". I can hardly wait. Picture a video conference in the US similar to the one in the last post with Julian Assange helping Hillary provide emails from her personal server. Feature a Drudge post reading "Killing with kindness-Julian Assange helps confused grandmother find missing emails"

On the other hand Kim has problems in his personal life.
"Before his arrest in New Zealand, he was the world's number one-ranked Modern Warfare 3 player out of more than 15 million online players.  On 23 January 2012 he lost the position and dropped to number two."

Friday, June 19, 2015

A conversation with Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Kim Dotcom

If I could pick the time in which I could live I would have liked to have been born about 1980. Being born at that time would mean spending my teen years during the Internet's infancy. I would have liked to have had parents with means to keep me in computers and almost criminally negligent to allow me to spend hours exploring that brave new world. The brittle chatter about how technologically advanced today's teens are borders on the infantile just as the media delivered copious opinion about Obama's technical prowess simply because he carried a BlackBerry. Considering his race and name one wonders what could be more appropriate but back to the now generation. No, I don't hate my grand kids but accessing Twitter on a smart phone requires little more sophistication than putting a 78 on a Victrola as our parents did.
Edward Snowden was born in 1983. Julian Assange was born in 1971 and Kim Dotcom in 1974. Granted they are a damn sight smarter than the average net surfer today but they are part of a truly avant garde way of thinking. They are both cynical and idealistic. Probably no one who knows them would think twice about letting their kids talk to be them but governments view them a pariahs, unfit to live in common society. In my more cynical moods I imagine that the powers that be view them as being more of a threat to copyrighted material than national defense. These men came of age with the Internet when at least a rudimentary knowledge of DOS and UNIX commands was necessary to download a file. Telnet and IRC (Internet Relay Chat) were a far cry from Twitter. They had to use their heads because the Internet was not for stupid people and these men are not stupid.
Although it's long there is not a dull moment in this video. Pay attention because Dotcom has promised that in 2016 they will bring the Internet Party to America and that Julian Assange will be Hillary's worse nightmare.
Although the focus of this conversation is intelligence gathering in New Zealand imagine such a video conference popping up during the 2016 election especially if Hillary is the candidate.

Belaboring A Point: Barack Obama Is The Father OF Birtherism

The birther story is one of the greatest stories never told.

It goes a little something like this:

1. Barack Obama claims to be of Kenyan birth and nurtures that falsehood for 17 years.

2. Barack Obama launches a presidential campaign and scrubs his own "born in Kenya" meme. All parties associated with Obama's literary agency practice an oath of Omerta that is still in effect today.

3. Disgruntled Hillary supporter and Democratic stalwart, Phikip Berg echoes Barack Obama's claim that he was born in Kenya. He also raises the more significant possibility that Barack Obama might have lost his US citizenship when he was adopted by a foreign national. Poetically, at about the age of majority, the Birther Meme leaves its idyllic childhood behind to enter an often hostile adult world.

4. The Birther Movement gains support from "the fringe" as mainstreamers including the likes of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin treat the Birther subject like it is radioactive.  Meanwhile Obama Loyalists like David Gregory attack Republicans with ficticious accusations of promoting the Birther Meme.

5. Obama and his loyalists continue to relentlessly promote the president's victimization by any and all who might repeat his lie that he was born in Kenya. More significantly, they ditect their rage against parties who are too cowardly to even examine the subject. Ergo, Fox News contributed to the deaths of none innocent Bible scholars in Charleston, South Carolina.


Monday, June 15, 2015

Dolezal, Warren, Obama And The Psychology Of Dupes

One of the interesting aspects of the Rachel Dolezal controversy is how it was largely shrugged off by black leaders. How in the world did this woman hide in plain sight? Even with unstraightened hair Dolezal looked German/Swedish/Czech. This is the trick where the magician pulls an invisible rabbit out of his hat and the crowd voices their approval. What a cunning array of stunts that magic man offers.

Once more, if you submitted the Rachel Dolezal story to a movie studio, it would get shot down. Not credible. Not believable. John Howard Griffin consumed large doses of methoxsalen and spent as much as fifteen hours a day under an ultraviolet light to pass as a black man in 1959. Rachel Dolezal affected a bad attitude and rose to the rank of president of the Spokane Chapter of the NAACP. No one with a brain would buy this story. "Saturday Night Live" would have a hard time working a premise as silly as this.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is almost as convincing as a Native American. Apparently she used her fake-Indian status to its full affirmative action benefit, parlaying her minority status to the Harvard faculty and onward to the US Senate. She too, pulled the wool over a lot of eyes (without using much wool either) and her fraudulence was also met with a collective shrug.

Which brings us to Barack Obama. Everything about this man is fraudulent. Everything. He is a man of modest talent and an unimpressive intellect (though I have been told he can crease slacks like no one's business) and until he was fast-tracked to the White House, he was a man of meager achievement. Expose his flimflam and what do you get? More shrugs.

Why the mass indifference? People do not like to be told they have been duped. We have all been conned either in love or finances or in some other way. It is part of the human condition. But man, is it humiliating!

A victim of fraud, especially on who has been conned by someone they love and trust, is bewildered. It dawns on them that they cannot trust their own judgment. Some victims can never admit they have been had. They will try to downplay their own foolishness. They will often turn their hostility on the party who reveals the fraud. It is tough for the victim to admit their own culpability, their own naïvete.

Let the backlash begin. The vast right wing conspiracy is just not comfortable with a black man in the White House, a smart woman in the Senate or a white woman in the NAACP. Haters.

Social Issues

I am reading Jonah Goldberg's "The Conspiracy of Cliches..." I hope to write a review of it if I ever finish it. Sneak preview of my review: It is funny and thought-provoking.

Goldberg's book is subtitled "...How Liberals Cheat in The War Of Ideas." Liberals do not have a monopoly on clichés. They are everywhere and they can dominate our thoughts if we are not careful.

An overlooked cliché is "social issues." What is most bothersome about this term is that it seems to always be expressed in the plural. The issues are by no means created equal.

Abortion does equal gay marriage. Gay marriage, like conventional matrimony, is a social construct. Abortion is the termination of a human life. One subject is abstract and the other is concrete. The two issues should not be stored in the same bin. Cookies and hardware.

School choice, gun ownership affirmative action, academic speech codes...what does one mean when one talks about social issues?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Glenn Beck Summarizes Obama's Fictitous Life

One thing among many things frustrating about the Hannitys of the world is their inability to get the big picture. They see things in simplistic Us vs. Them terms and they need to compress larger stories to fit their template. Obama is old news. Let's get Hillary.

First thing, the Clintons do not fit the Left vs. Right format. The reason the Republicans personally attacked President Clinton was because they did not want to engage in an ideological battle. In many ways Bill Clinton was more conservative than Tom Delay or Trent Lott.

But let's leave the Clintons aside for now. Whatever else might be said about Bill and Hillary we know who they are even with thousands of deleted emails to muddy the waters. Hillary might sometimes "misspeak" or "misremember" but the powers that be will call her on her namesake or her Bosnian war stories. Orwellingly, the same people who remind Hillary that she is fibbing actually assist Barack Obama in promoting his fables and attack anyone who challenges his many lies.

As with the Kennedy assassination, the shrouding of Barack Obama reminds us that the whole damn system is broken. If every single member of the press either facilitates Obama's lies or has practiced a vow of silence on exposing the facilitators, then we have jumped through the looking glass. Before we route Barry Barack Soetoro Obama to the history books, shouldn't we at least know his history? The fable of Barack will be relevant ten years from now, twenty years from now, thirty years from now and well beyond that. If mind control and brainwashing and programmed ignorance and programmed apathy are concerns of the day, then we must examine the most successful ruse in the history of planet Earth.