Thursday, April 2, 2015

America Became Jonestown But Can Jonestown Become America?

The Future Of Jonestown

I don't like politics and yet I have become obsessed with the subject. Growing up, politics was discussed at the dinner table and it was something I could have done without. It was not intrinsically interesting to me. Politicians seemed like timid people who tip-toed through life, avoiding people and places that might someday be viewed as a political liability.

I made a point to mingle with political liabilities and I have never regretted that decision. I was wary of what politics might do to one's personality. This suspicion would be confirmed when Rush Limbaugh became a sports analyst. Hours into the job, Limbaugh injected politics into a discussion about football. I had seen something like this happen on smaller stages. I had witnessed politics consuming people. Now I saw it consume Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh saw everything through a political lens, even something as deliberately escapist as professional football.

A learned lesson was reinforced. Rush Limbaugh seemed like a decent guy who was so obsessed with politics that he could never turn it off. He was not unlike the sidewalk preacher pedestrians crossed the street to avoid. I did not want to be like the sidewalk preacher or the guy in the office who turns every conversation into political discourse. Not me.

That is not to say that I was without core values or opinions. I was born a freedom-loving, anti-authoritarian guy who was suspicious of bureaucracy and even more suspicious of propaganda and mind control. Generally, you would not know my political beliefs unless you asked. I was more likely to express an opinion about a movie or a basketball coach. Political discussion was something I usually avoided.

Years went by. We would witness a major terrorist attack, a bloated and often destructive bureaucracy, an ever-expanding police and surveillance state and a national debt that threatened our social and physical well being. Into this mix came Barack Obama.

I was suspicious of Obama from the onset. Who was this guy? It is a question we still ask daily. We thought the news media would eventually provide factual information about this mysterious character. We did not think our relatives, even the stupid ones, would blindly pledge their allegiance to a man they did not know or care to know. We did not expect our lifelong friends to put on their blinders and guzzle the Kool-Aid. But it happened. America had become Jonestown.

Over the next six years I grew obsessed with finding out who Barack Obama really is. As to the reflexive charge of “You just don't like him,” in all of its implied racism, that was not the case at all. I judge a man on his actions and “like” and “dislike” do not mean much to me. Things like “respect” and “believe” are much higher on my scale than a Facebook judgment.

I gave up or greatly reduced the following activities:

Spectator sports. I used to love watching sports on TV so much that I would have to take measures to limit my viewing time. After Obama came to power I would click on the dial during a commercial break, go to a news channel and forget all about the game. I don't even read the sports page anymore.

Music:  Completely replaced by talk radio.

Fiction: I used to read a lot of fun books. Now I read books like “Culture of Corruption,” “The Amateur,” and “The Great Destroyer.”

Movies: Hollywood and I were already drifting apart. The remake did a number on me. Why should I pay to see “The Longest Yard” when I can see a better version at home for free? In Jonestown, movies no longer delivered the two hour escape. I could no longer see the character beyond the actor. Every role was filled by a member of The Legion Of Beautiful People. I could not see past the pampered and privileged and resentful GeorgeTom DamonDeniroDicaprio who give the political elite their unending love and give the rest of us their middle finger. I used to love film. I was once a patron and a fan. I was once a movie guy. Gone. All gone.

Socialization: I have always been an introvert and something of a loner. Those qualities have grown more pronounced in Jonestown. I submit that my isolation is largely self-imposed. Reading and writing and blogging are solitary pursuits. I do not dislike Obamacists but I do have a hard time respecting anyone who pledges allegiance to a cult leader they do not know and do not care to know. Solitude serves me well.

I did not plan on becoming politically obsessed. Then again, I did not plan on living in Jonestown.

American became Jonestown but can Jonestown become America? The press will never vet Barack Hussein Obama. They will tell us how brilliant and how concerned and how sophisticated and how praiseworthy he shall ever be. They will tell us he is principled but they will never elaborate on the principles he embraces. They will tell us he is misunderstood but they will not help us understand his occluded personality. Mostly, they will turn the criticism on the critics. We never supported him. We never gave him a chance. Implied racism. More implied racism. Insinuations of racism. More insinuations of racism.

We know Barack Obama has friends in high places who can make things like passport records disappear. A benefactor probably funded his education. Despite what Michelle Obama might have said about student loans, no such debt was ever mentioned in any of her husband's election filings. Will we ever learn of the identity of this mysterious sugar daddy?

Here and there talk radio would host a caller who would tell the listeners that Barack Obama will not leave the White House after two terms. The comments section that follow YouTube videos sometimes have statements to that effect. Those comments used to seem silly to me. They no longer do.

2012 reminded us that Barack Obama's record was not on the ballot. However, Barack Obama's divine essence was on the ballot and it carried the day. He was not just a bad president he was duplicitous, tyrannical and corrupt. All irrelevant. Unconditional love.

Then a series of scandals surfaced in 2013 such as the IRS targeting political dissidents and the NSA spying on average Americans. These and other abuses of power were circulated around the Internet but kept out of the mainstream media until after the 2012 elections. Now that they came to light maybe the Obamacists would see what kind of bully and cheater and....Nope! Unconditional love. Unending worship.

Then there was the budget wars where Obama used dying children and hobbled veterans as props in his one man play. For what purpose did the president resort to such Machiavellian tactics? To inflate our national debt. To assert his supremacy over mortals. To punish those who dared to mock him. Maybe now the spell would be broken. Nope! Barack Obama is still a god to tens of millions of Americans, perhaps hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

As previously mentioned I started the blog, Post Obotomy Syndrome, shortly after the 2008 elections. It was not intended to be one more Us vs. Them hot spots. It was an effort to spread more light than heat. This site would primarily focus on the unacknowledged religiosity of the overnight cult of personality. Yes, I thought if I could reveal the magician's secrets, I could effectively deprogram the masses. I greatly underestimated the length and the strength of the cult's tentacles.

What distinguishes Obamacism from every other religion is that this is the first and only media-created religion. Concerning our forty fourth president, the Fourth Estate can be divided into two categories: the Obamacist Cheerleaders and the Silent Majority.

Obamacism is for now an unacknowledged religion. Practitioners might identify as Catholic or Jewish but their loyalty and their worship is extended to their cult leader. Here and there the cheerleaders will trip themselves up and tell us that Obama, “is kind of like God,” but they don't feel it's safe to place both feet out of the closet just yet.

The Silent Majority has pledged omerta for their leader. Maybe they don't have secret handshakes and maybe they don't don robes and burn incense but if you want to continue to report on barking dogs in Dacron, Ohio, you had better keep mum about your social superiors. Thou shalt not connect the dots.

The Lame Scorpion President

The Silent Majority might not care to discuss their leader's core values but a picture is coming into focus. First, if Barack Obama's core values were popular with the American people, he would advertise them. His secrecy on these matters speaks loudly.

Barack Obama might not be anti-American but he certainly is not pro-American. Barack Obama might not be anti-Israel but he is certainly not pro-Israel. Barack Obama is opposed to the premise of free enterprise. He likes rich people who give him money and he resents rich people who do not give him money.

Barack Obama is not enthusiastic about protecting religious freedom, at least not for Christians. He goes out of his way to see that Islam is never offended. He might be less of an Islamic sympathizer and more of an OPEC sympathizer. The Oil Producing Exporting Countries have helped promote the global warming/climate change/climate disruption hoax, possibly to impede American energy independence.

Who purchased Al Gore's Current TV? Qatar-based Al-Jazeera. Who financed Matt Damon's anti-fracking movie, “Promised Land”? Image Nation Abu Dhabi, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Media, based in United Arab Emirate. Who quietly purchases stock in western news companies? Mideast oil interests who have a vested interest in keeping energy prices high and preventing a worldwide energy glut.

The Lame Scorpion President might use all of the resources at his disposal—the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy, The Department of Justice, the IRS, Federal courts—to hobble domestic energy production. In some circles there is the belief that an American renaissance, fueled by energy independence, is inevitable. That might not be case if OPEC has its way.

An OPEC shill might not be the worst case scenario. We need to re-examine John Drew's insights into the mind of a young Barack Obama. It should concern one and all that the future president was a fervent Marxist-Leninist. It might concern us even more that the Occidental student was enthusiastic about the inevitability of a worldwide revolution. Our grandiose president might take extreme measures to ensure that he is not omitted from the history books.

Perhaps the most successful anti-achievement of the Obamacist Media is the removal of budgetary issues from the news cycle. We stopped talking about our colossal debt that spelled Armageddon throughout the Bush administration when it was one third to one half of what it is now. America cannot pay off $18 trillion in debt as well as tens of trillions more in unfunded liabilities.

Both political parties have contributed to the fiscal crisis but the Republicans could make the case that theirs was the slower road to ruin. They have become the party of lesser evil, silver medalists in the destruction competition. Siss boom bah.

I reiterate: We are told that deficits do not matter as we are also told that we must raise taxes. We are being conned.

Taxes are not always generated to pay for deficits. Deficits are sometimes created to raise taxes. I know of no country the Marxists/Leninists/Maoists/Communists or even the Socialists or Progressives have made rich, but they have made billions of people poor. Leftists might not be able to deliver Heaven on Earth, but they can give all of us a taste of Hell.

Leftists perversely view destruction as a virtue. Not what Schumpeter called creative destruction where the word processor destroys the typewriter and an MP3 player destroys the compact disc. No, the leftist takes pride in destruction minus the creativity.

I am afraid that Barack Obama shares the leftist view of destruction as virtue. He has upgraded the status of the apparatchik class and a few Wall Street/K Street insiders to the exclusion of just about everyone else. Barack Obama is driven by something. What exactly? It might be his desire to dismantle (or as he says “fundamentally transform”) America.

Some people have suggested that the president will start a war or allow a terrorist attack prior to the 2016 elections. Others have gone so far as to state that he wants to start a civil war. Those sorts of extreme measures might not be necessary. The crushing debt coupled with an economy deliberately crippled by Washington might provide sufficient social unrest to extend Barack Obama's second term.

Maybe Barack Obama is deliberately spending us into oblivion. It looks like the Federal Reserve did what it could to numb the pain in the short term, delaying the day of reckoning until after the 2014 midterms. They can't keep the plates in the air forever. Bernanke and Yellen have had more success at elevating stock prices than elevating stock earnings. At an average P:E ratio that exceeds 15, Wall Street is on shaky ground.

Do not lose sight of Barack Obama's heightened sense of grandeur. He would love to preside over a nation in turmoil. He likes chaos. He would love to dispense food here and withhold water there. The petulant child would love to reward loyalists and punish infidels.

Remember too, this man's addiction to adulation. If there is any way to keep the crowds cheering, our diva will find it. If there is a large scale cyber attack or the crippling of our nation's electric grid, the crowds will just have to chant “Yes we can” by candlelight.

A major crisis, orchestrated or spontaneous, would serve Barack Obama's personality but something more pragmatic might make the dominoes fall. His administration is rife with crime. The Obama DOJ can only obstruct justice as long as they are the Obama DOJ. A Republican DOJ might not be as willing to overlook abuses of power, graft, perjury and other forms of corruption. It is doubtful that a Hillary DOJ would be any more merciful. The Clintons despise all things Obama.

So yes, it is conceivable that a crisis might be generated by senior Obama Administration officials who fear indictment. Which is to say there is a long, long, long list of people who want to lower the curtain—at least until the statutes of limitations expire.

In fiction we sometimes say things we can't otherwise say. This is especially true of movies and television where executives do not want to offend large segments of the viewing audience. In, “The Twilight Zone,” Rod Serling tells parables about racism using aliens as characters. No need alienating the Deep South.

In this century there are seemingly fewer restrictions to viewer content. Profanity rules the day. So too, do references to bodily functions and more bodily functions and bodily functions we don't all share, thank goodness. And we can discuss sodomy and man to man love and blaspheme, GD, OMG...what if anything cannot be said on television?

We cannot make fun of Barack Obama or his mindless worshipers. Remember the Missouri rodeo clown? Do you think perhaps, the rise of Zombie shows that came to life during the Obama Administration, might reflect society's fears about brain dead Obamacists? Obama would not be a daunting figure without the massive hordes of walking dead who support him. Many of us fear God but not as much as we fear his followers. The same can be said for Obama and his zombies.

We have to come to grips with what stares us in the face. Jim Jones never had more than a few thousand followers in Guyana and California and he managed to get 923 people killed. David Koresh, with a following of a few hundred, was responsible for 85 deaths, not counting his own.

The Obamacists are not as tightly controlled as other cult members, not yet anyway. Are they as fanatical as other cultists? On average, no. But there are tens of millions of them in the US and many more of them spread throughout the world. Not all of them are as stupid or as pliable as the Occupy Wall Street marionettes but they are just as loyal. Some of them have the technical skill and the position to wreak cyber havoc. If they see their deity facing eviction, they might spring into action.

Unconditional love and undying loyalty are the hallmarks of Obamacists. With a little prodding, from their deity or the people around him, bedlam could be released. Let us be prepared.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Just In Time For Holy Week: Mike Pence Cast As Judas

Social issues as they are normally defined don't much interest me. They usually draw more heat than light. One is either for or against the death penalty and no amount of verbiage changes one's mind.

When the topic of gay marriage would come on the radio, I would instantly switch stations. the subject just does not engage me in any sense of the word.

Mike Pence is bothersome for several reasons. I watched his speech live and turned him off. Like most people I respect those who stand on principle if for no other reason than it means they have principles.

I don't know which was more pathetic, Pence's body language or his childish babble.

Governor, did you not read the bill you signed into law?

Could you not find some reason to justify your actions. I am sitting way up in the bleachers half asleep and I could muster a better defense of your actions than you did.

 Could you not point to the other states who have similar laws?

 Could you not remind the haters that Illinois  has a similar religious freedom protection act and it was signed by no other than Barack Obama?

Could you not remind the pundits that we have a similar federal law that passed during the Clinton Administration?

Could you not stand by your constituency instead of the national press?

Could you not tell the national press to take a first person interest in matters sodomitic?

But let's put the coward aside for a minute. Why do we even need statutes to protect constitutional freedoms? That is the fundamental question.

I could not stand to watch Pence weasel around in front of the podium. I figured he was caving and I turned off the TV. Less than an hour later I typed "Pence caves" into the search bar. There were several references to Pence caving on Obamacare but already there were countless references to Pence caving just minutes earlier.

It seems that Mike Pence pays close attention to the hucksters who pedal their silver on Fox News. Sound investment. 30 pieces goes a long way these days, huh governor?