Wednesday, March 11, 2015

NY Post Headline: "Deleter Of The Free World"

The Hillary saga has a lot of facets and once more, it is hard to observe without feeling frustrated.

Let me go on record saying that I like Bill Clinton and to a lesser degree, I like Hillary. That is not to say that I would ever vote for either of them or that I approve of deleting evidence or obstructing justice or compromising national security but....Hillary, like the Tea Party, like True The Vote, like Herman Cain, like Sarah Palin, like Ted Cruz, is a victim of corrupt news media who have sworn their allegiance to Barack Hussein Obama.

Even if Obama were a good president (by any measure he is one of the worst, if not the very worst) or a good politician (Nope. He's had every deck stacked for him) or even if he did not display a fungal personality, Barry would still be resented as the recipient of grossly favorable treatment. Barry will always be the teacher's pet. The president is every bit as responsible for the email irregularities as is his secret(ary) of state as his appointee. The classroom smirks as Brilliant Barry is given yet another gold star for dutifully monitoring the news and that sassy pants Hillary is made to stand in the corner.

The Associated Press is filing a FOIA on Hillary's emails. Really? Why now, as opposed to shortly after the Benghazi massacre? Puzzles the mind. Did the AP file a FOIA on Lois Lerner's emails? I don't remember them doing so. I don't remember any dinosaur news agency filing a FOIA on anyone who had anything to do with this administration. The press has had a six year siesta through the Obama years.

The MSM are not defending Hillary. Pile on! Pack journalism is alive and well. There are a lot of ways to read this. Waking up...seeing the light...integrity reborn...But's it's the same ole same ole. Protect the pampered prince at any price.

99.99% of the press are either too enamored with or too intimidated by Barack Obama to ever report anything unfavorable (or as Brian Williams labeled it, "divisive") about The One. Their commitment has not wavered. If that means throwing Hillary under the bus, so be it. Yes They Can!