Friday, February 27, 2015

OK, So He Loves America, He Just Doesn't Like Americans?

In one week we have an Internet power grab, the discovery of "lost" IRS emails, the president playing chicken with DHS funding, and rumors of an executive order banning certain types of ammo. We also learned that the administration might have soft-pedaled the Osama bin Laden information cache to make it appear that Al Qedah had been destroyed. All of this to a backdrop of ISIS man-made disasters.

There is a theme that runs through both the actions and the inactions of this administration. That theme is a contempt that ranges from indifference to open hostility for average Americans. Who cares what the people want? No one in the White House.

There is more at work here than "optics" or "narratives" or "messaging." You might not ever be vetted, Mr. President and there might forever be gaping holes in your Swiss Cheese biography but you have revealed yourself over time. We know who you are, Mr. President. We know you all too well.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Maybe The Stupification Of America Will End With The Millenials

What do we call the generation after the Millenials? I don't know but maybe they won't embrace idolatry as a preferred lifestyle. There is hope on the horizon.