Monday, February 9, 2015

Gallup CEO Clarifies So As To Not "Suddenly Disappear"

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Obama In A Word Revisited

OK, so Obama In A Word is not playing out to be this decade's Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon but it is still challenging and thought-provoking. In my initial post on this subject I stated that "narcissist" best described our 44th president. This snap judgment came on the heels of SOTU and the announcement that he would take his proposals on the road to sycophantic fans but first the president would meet with YouTube stars in a desperate effort to keep the spotlight on himself. We had not seen a lot of our president since he went to Vegas to "sell" his executive orders on immigration to a city that hosted the Latin Grammies. See a pattern here? 

In a prior post I stated that the one word that describes Barack Obama is "grandiose." I would like to reassert that choice is the best one word description. Yes, BHO is narcissistic but his grandeur is the father of his narcissism. We would all be better off if he were just an empty suit. Unfortunately, the grandeur is at work even when the cameras are pointed elsewhere. I don't recall who said that a man who believes his own bullshit is a dangerous man but I have to endorse that crudely-stated aphorism. Barry Soetoro has created an all-powerful persona and that persona believes in his own divinity with every breath he takes.

In summary, "grandiose" describes Barack Obama more thoroughly than "narcissistic." I felt the need to clarify my contradiction without sounding like one of those blowhards who falls back on quoting himself. Speaking of which, did anyone else endure the SOTU all the way to its conclusion? How do you wrap up a rambling pile of nonsense and insults and self-praise? You quote someone famous if not infamous. Who did Barack Obama select for this epiiog? Himself of course! Shakespeare, Aristotle, Lincoln, Jesus...Nix! The president quoted Barack Obama.

Grandiose or narcissistic? Grandeur or narcissism? Stuffed suit or empty suit? These are the sorts of questions that will follow Barack Obama into history.