Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Obama In A Word

I grabbed this graphic from Pew Research via Town Hall. It blows my mind that people think of the compulsively-lying thug as "good." He is a bad president and a rotten human being. Rotten to the core.

My word of choice, one that is even more significant than "Dishonest" is "Narcissist." Once more, it all comes down to Barry's addiction to adulation. The SOTU was just a prelude for yet another series of pep rallies where "The One" will be cheered on by adoring worshipers. Yep, the latter day Jim Jones will take his new proposals on the road. I called that one. 

Personally, I see his childish need for praise (and yes, even worship) as pathetic. There is no part of him that sees himself as we see him: a political version of Spinal Tap. The buffoon who does not accept that his day is long gone. It is crystal clear that the most important drive in this empty suit's life is his constant pursuit of attention. It used to be funny. Now it is collectively embarrassing.

I bet there are a lot of words the Pew people did not list as options. 


Ted Cruz's Rebuttals

2015 (Ted Needs A Jump Start at :40)


Ted Nugent vs. Roseanne Barr

This vid came on after I watched the Cruz video.  Had to include it.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Belaboring A Point About The State Of The Union Speech

As we saw two months ago, Barack Obama is an incredibly shallow and vain human being.  When it seemed that he could not find an audience anywhere, he managed a few pep rallies promoting his immigration order. Anything, anything, anything for an adoring audience, something that is harder and harder to find these days.

 Barry has never performed the duties of the office in the traditional sense. Instead of locking horns with Congress on the budget he always took to the road to read his teleprompter to a room of sycophants. There might be one or two gigs left where he can fill half the house with Occupy types and bemoan the unfairness of all things American. Milking a few more Obamafests. That is what the SOTU is all about.

Obama has had six years to tweak the tax code. Why play with it now? These are the last gasps of a has been rock star. The once pompous is now the pathetic. Is it 2017 yet?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Flip Side Of Insider Trading Laws

For a multitude of reasons I oppose insider trading laws.  Mostly they are used for witch hunts, to convict people who aren't really criminals. A Disneyland for Nazis and prosecutors.

Last week we saw a meteoric rise in the Swiss Franc. The usual malcontents complained of the Swiss Ambush. What do you think happens when news in NOT leaked out. Whatever else can be said about the Swiss, they did not play favorites last week.

Leftists hate it when people make money. They don't mind people losing money especially when the losers can be used as political pawns. Rest assured Elizabeth Warren is searching for victims as we sleep. Somehow, some way, the spinmasters will blame this on greedy speculators. But they won't be able to blame this one on insider trading.