Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Saluting Vladimir Putin

Putin is a leader, first and foremost. To understate things greatly, the West lacks leadership. Putin, despite his Communist Party background, is sympathetic to Orthodox Christianity and shows concern for all Christians. In my not even slightly humble opinion, Vladimir Putin is more deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize than Barack Obama or Al Gore or even Saint Yasser.

The Russian Army is crushing ISIS! We should be dancing in the streets. Instead, the faux Christian in the White House blathers on and Marco Rubio refuses to retract his slanderous statements about Putin and the Russian people. The John McCains show not even a shred of shame for supporting Syrian rebels who include members of Al Qedah and ISIS (Oh excuse me, White House, ISIL.) For all of Assad's flaws, he has a long history of protecting Christians. I will take him over ISIS/ISIL any day.

We need to rethink NATO. I for one, am sick of a morally, fiscally and yes, even a culturally bankrupt Europe badmouthing the US. Frankly, I think most of Europe would be better off with Russia's flat tax and respect for Christian values and culture. If Putin really wants the Has Been Continent, maybe we should let him have it.

In the meantime, Mother Russia fights for the oppressed people of Syria. May God bless Vladimir Putin

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