Thursday, October 29, 2015

Free Kevin Trudeau!

I feel remiss in never sticking up for Kevin Trudeau who was sentenced to ten years in prison in 2014 for exercising his First Amendment rights. You can pile up the rigamarole but cut through the BS and you will see a writer going to prison for selling books.

In the Obama era we have seen a full frontal assault on civil liberties. The NSA has compiled extensive metadata dragnets and given the moral turpitude of this administration no one should be surprised if that information was shared with the White House. The IRS has been weaponized repeatedly, not just dissident groups but honest citizens like Ben Carson and Wayne Alan Root who dared to raise questions about Barack Obama or his administration's policies.

Honest citizens have had their votes nullified by the votes of non-Americans, students who cast absentee ballots in their home states as they also vote locally, the deceased, political operatives who morph into gypsy voters in battleground states, other gypsy voters who have been car pooled to battleground states...all as this administration wages a war on voter identification.

We have seen the EPA crushing projects that could be damaging to the financial welfare of Obama donors.

There is the secretive--for good reason--Operation Choke Point.

We have seen this administration bully and intimidate honest journalists using illegal and frightening methods.

Barack Obama and his thugs have unleashed a tsunami of abuse on a scale never before witnessed. Excuse us if we cannot wage protest at every miscarriage of justice inflicted by America's most prominent criminal enterprise.

I am holding in my hands Kevin Trudeau's "The Weight Loss Cure 'They' Don't Want You To Know About." (Actually I put it down so that I don't have to type with my feet.) Elsewhere I will write a review of this book. There is a lot of padding but mostly it sells the idea--not the practice of nor the implementation of said idea--of taking HCG supplements to lose weight.

Significantly, Trudeau did not sell HCG nor did he hold a financial stake in a clinic that administered said hormone. In no sense of the term did Trudeau attempt to practice medicine. Trudeau sold 850,000 copies of this diet book and from that colossal number generated 67 complaints of fraud. Being a sometimes-cynic, I bet the US government would not have a hard time generating 67 complaints against a man with a target on his back.

The term caveat emptor was probably created shortly after some Roman circulated the first weight loss manual that probably advised gargantuan quantities of vino and olive oil to help one go from an XL toga to an IXL toga. It has long been understood that there has never been a diet book written that was not part sound advice and part nonsense and the portions of each vary greatly. All dietary advice should be taken with a grain of salt.

An aside. The Food and Drug Administration has long been an oppressive bureaucracy. Newt Gingrich once famously said that the FDA was responsible for more American deaths than any other organization. There have been several attempts to clip their wings with varying success. One of the most disturbing developments is that The Federal Trade Commission has harassed many of the citizens the FDA is now forbidden to harass. Call it a vast bureaucratic conspiracy.

The FTC initiated the crusade against Kevin Trudeau. Whereas the FDA usually limited its persecutions to practicing physicians or people who actually sold pills, disinterested writers were usually left alone. Maybe it was a begrudging respect for the First Amendment. Maybe they thought blatant censorship would not hold up in court. At any rate the FTC has boldly expanded its sphere of influence to include freelance authors. This is what tyranny looks like.

A self-fulfilling conspiracy? Trudeau also wrote "Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You To Know About." In each of the books mentioned here, there is the use of the stray pronoun, "They." Do "They" really exist? Obviously, "They" do indeed roam our planet.

Kevin Trudeau might not be the ideal poster child for Freedom of The Press but then again, who is? As Pearson and Shaw point out, the forefathers did not include a First Amendment so that we could talk about the weather. We are explicitly afforded the right to exchange ideas so that we can discuss topics that rankle people in high places. We are explicitly afforded the right to discuss controversial subjects, even those topics that special interest groups prefer we do not discuss. We are even explicitly afforded the right to discuss topics "They" Don't Want Us To Know About.

The Obama Thugs have flooded the zone on civil liberties. A blatant miscarriage of justice is ignored in part because we have dozens of other abuses to talk about. This has been on my back burner for much too long. Kudos to Lew Rockwell for taking up the cause right away.

Free Kevin Trudeau!!!



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