Saturday, August 29, 2015

This Is Bigger Than It Might Seem: Ernie Boch Jr. Holds A Fundraiser For Donald Trump

Ernie Boch, Jr. might be hard to explain to an outsider because he doesn't fit a niche that every locale features. If he was from the South he would be called a good old boy but he is bigger than that label would suggest. I guess there are local personalities like him elsewhere but none come to mind.

Like Donald Trump, Boch inherited a fortune and turned it into a larger fortune. He likes to do philanthropy and seems like a fun guy. He is comfortable in front of crowds, appearing frequently on local TV and radio and playing in his rock band. He can speak at length about automobiles from consumer preferences to market share to horse power and cup holders. Everybody's Boston buddy.

Like most Massachusetts residents, Boch is presumed to be a bit left of center. He was rumored to be a prospective buyer of the once mighty "Boston Globe" and everyone seemed to think it was a nice fit (Red Sox owner would ultimately purchase the red ink slush pile from The New York Times Company).  As far as I know Boch is not overtly political. It became a news item that he was doing a fundraiser for The Donald. Not just a news item but a head scratcher. A brow raiser. Really? Ernie? Trump? Really?

 This is big, folks.

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Hoosierman said...

When I read things like this I and the now famous Peggy Noonan post it's something that you always swore would but never expected to see happen. As I see it Trump's rise is caused by a revulsion of the political class. I imagine both Boch and Trump have felt they had to pay up to the political class just to conduct ordinary business and I'm not referring to fees and other governmental expenses.

Who wouldn't prefer Trump to Hillary or Jeb but I wonder how long this can last. Fortunately we are on the verge of another government shutdown next month and we will be able to see who says what and how that effects their polling.