Saturday, July 11, 2015

Trump To Address 9000 in Phoenix?

Six months before the primaries Donald Trump is speaking before 9000 people?

The GOP Establishment should start taking this guy seriously. So too, Tea Partiers, Conservatives and yes, Democrats.

My position is simple: Trump is a faux conservative on every issue except immigration. We do not agree as to the remedy for economic woes. He wants to stop the Chinese from "manipulating" (read: devalue) their currency. I want to encourage the leaders of all but the US to manipulate their currencies. I favor a strong dollar but Trump sees merit in a weaker dollar. Trump is also a bit of a protectionist and I am a fan of cheap foreign goods.

Concerning likability I used to think of Trump as a chronic publicity seeker. I never saw one minute of "The Apprentice" and I was in a room once when someone was watching "Celebrity Apprentice." My only favorable association was when he was a guest on Howard Stern's radio show. He surprised me at how spontaneous he was on the radio because in pictures he looks stuffy. He was funny too. Great radio days...But all in all I can't say that I liked Trump.

What I love about Trump is that he is a fighter and yes, a leader. I am so sick of all the wusses in the GOP who won't stand up for anyone or anything. The last fighter the GOP had was Sarah Palin. Since Palin, the GOP has rolled countless doormats off its assembly line. I for one cannot bear another Mitt McCain reaching across the aisle.

Trump has internalized that distinctive New York moxie. You push him, he pushes back. You ask him a stupid question and he will highlight YOUR stupidity. I am willing to sacrifice some ideology for a leader who is more like Netanyahu (or even Putin) than the pathetic Jebs and Mitches and Boehners, to say nothing of the pansy we have in the White House.

America is hungry for a fighter. For that reason, I am not dismissing Donald Trump.

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