Thursday, July 2, 2015

Trump Needs More Reliable Sources

Donald Trump has never been on my radar screen but I cannot tell you how much I respect him for fighting back against baseless smears and character assassination. FINALLY!!! We have a public figure who does not lick the hand of the media weasels (how is that for mixed metaphor? Weasels have paws, not hands.)

Trump made comments concerning the profile of the illegal immigrant who enters from the southern border. Trump claims that women who arrive from Central America via Mexico are frequently subjected to rape. As most of the rapes occur in Mexico, Trump asserts that these women are raped my Mexicans.

Trump's beauty pageant has been dropped by Univision because of his comments. Ironically, Trump was quoting Fusion, an online magazine Trump claims is a division of Univision.

Read here and decide if Trump was out of bounds.

Note: Trump might be mistaken about Fusion/Univision/NBC affiliation. At the bottom of the website it says "Yahoo-ABC Network." Hope to clarify that in the coming days.

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