Friday, July 31, 2015

Kathleen Willey's Website, A Scandal A Day

I like Bill Clinton with a few reservations, the biggest of which is Kathleen Willey. If she is truthful then our 42nd president is a rapist.

The Clinton bashers often come across as silly. To state my own bias I do not believe that rape equals fornication, nor does rape equal philandering nor does rape equal a Lewinsky. Nor do I believe that rape is on the spectrum of behaviors for those who practice sexuality outside of marriage. I believe that rape is a horrendous crime and we must be careful in using the term as metaphor. We should not equate brutality with consensual adult relations under any circumstances. To do so trivializes rape and rape should never be trivialized.

One of the reasons I was often alienated by the Limbaughs and the Coulters and the Hannitys over the years was their treatment of Bill Clinton, specifically his sexual behavior. I don't have any statistics but I do listen to Limbaugh and I bet that for every reference to Kathleen Willey, he mentions Monica Lewinsky 100 times. It speaks volumes about the Conservative mind that Kathleen Willey is an afterthought.

Kathleen Willey deserves a voice, or a website anyway. Good news! She has one.  "A Scandal A Day" is off to a good start. Good luck in your new endeavor, Kathleen.

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