Saturday, July 25, 2015

If We Cannot Recreate The USSR, Brooklyn Is The Next Best Thing

Vermont is a colony of New York City. More specifically, it is the CWP tribe of New York that conquered the Green Mountain State. If you ever wondered how a bunch of deer hunters and dairy farmers could succumb to the cultural imperialism of The First International, look no further than Bernie Sanders.

Sanders' worldview is pretty simple. People are stupid but Marxists are smart. The value of a human being--morally, intellectually and metaphysically--is determined by his degree of commitment to the latest repackaging of collectivism.

Sanders is a born and raised comrade. He devoted his life to making America more like the USSR. I don't know if Sanders shed any tears when the Soviet Union was dissolved but I doubt very much if he celebrated the event either.

Sanders and his ilk probably have a different take on "This Land Is Your Land" than you might have. For people like one per center Sanders (qualifications to join 1% Club) the song is a battle hymn for a conquering (they might say liberating) army. They want everything you have including your thoughts, your prayers and your dreams.

Sanders is not an anomaly; he is just more successful than most of his peers. New York political missionaries are all over New England, as well as places like Florida and the Carolinas. In 1992 the Democrats ran a female version of Sanders in the New Hampshire gubernatorial race. She campaigned on the introduction of a state income tax, even though she never demonstrated a compelling need for an income tax and to this day, the Granite State does not have an income tax. Her campaign slogan should have been "Tax For Tax Sake." Happily, she was defeated.

The Sanders video is tough to watch. Do pay attention, as long as you can, to Sanders' thick Brooklyn accent, perhaps the harshest dialect in the English language. "The Spahhhkling sands..." Does this sound like someone from Vermont?


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Hoosierman said...

Maybe he could do a duet with Janet Yellen.