Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kim Dotcom: 2016 is the year when we bring the Internet Party to the US.

"Julian Assange hates Hillary Clinton" and "2016 is the year when we bring the Internet Party to the US". I can hardly wait. Picture a video conference in the US similar to the one in the last post with Julian Assange helping Hillary provide emails from her personal server. Feature a Drudge post reading "Killing with kindness-Julian Assange helps confused grandmother find missing emails"

On the other hand Kim has problems in his personal life.
"Before his arrest in New Zealand, he was the world's number one-ranked Modern Warfare 3 player out of more than 15 million online players.  On 23 January 2012 he lost the position and dropped to number two."


worldsbiggestloser said...

This is thought-provoking. I will revisit intellectual property and file sharing and file dumping and the morality surrounding these things. Mr. Dotcom is more of a victim than a hero in my eyes.

Given my selective memory I will recall a few lines of the interview to the exclusion of all else. One, Mr. Dotcom says he "likes" Hillary and he "likes" Barack Obama. It frustrates me greatly that people who are infinitely smarter than me cannot get past social media superficiality.

There are thousands of accomplished people we could substitute for KD. They are proficient in film or code or song but their social development is severely stunted. Their criteria for selecting a US president is identical to their criteria for selecting a 7th grade class president.

"Like" and "dislike" should not be paramount in people's (that's folks for those of you who apeak Obamish) judgment but unfortunately this binary process reigns supreme. Ironically, should any human (that's folks for those of you who speak Obamish) look past the contrived image of BO he will see a personality few, if any, would find likable in any sense of the term.

Earlier in the interview Mr. Dotcom states that he is disappointed in Obama and his promises of change. Sorry you could not be bothered to ask questions, dupe. Sorry you were too stupid to see past Obama's cheesy PR tactics. Sorry you got caught up in the celebrity endorsements and you were taken in by all the hype. Maybe you should spend more time playing Modern Warfare and leave the larger world alone.

Hoosierman said...

I see Dotcom as a bit player. Today's news reveals that Wikileaks released Hillary's passport information along with that of her top aids as part of it dump of the Saudi Cables. Not much news there but I suspect there will be more as the election nears.