Sunday, June 7, 2015

Belaboring A Point: Bob Schieffer Was A Weasel To The End

OK, he's retired. Let the dude play some shuffleboard. Was Schieffer any worse (or better?) than any other journalist of his era?

No, sadly the Schieff was typical of the Team Obama journalists of his day.

Here is a repost from the past week.

Our esteemed Fourth Estate took a break from their seven year siesta to pay tribute to a departing colleague. The chorus of snores will continue without the grating of one their finest somnambulists. Bob, we hope your retirement is as restful as your working life. This yawn is for you.


OK, Schieffer says it's the opponent's job, not the journalist's, to expose the flaws of a political candidate. Now let's recall what happened when the McCain campaign gently and legitimately questioned the depth and substance of Candidate Obama. CBS News would devote over five minutes of their nightly news to admonish McCain for "going negative" and then refute the scurrilous charges that Candidate Obama had anything in common with Paris Hilton.

In retrospect, McCain's warning of a vain, vapid vessel in constant search of adulation would prove itself even truer than we had imagined.


So long, Bob. You won't be missed.

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