Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Amtrak Crash And The Left's Heightened Reflexes

Recalling the fiscal wars of the second Obama Administration--the Sequester, The Debt Limit, The Budgets--it s helpful to remind ourselves that Obama won and won decisively. The spoiled brat of a president got his way on everything. Everything. The golden age of profligacy is upon us.

Even those of us who are no longer surprised would be surprised at how quickly the left played the funding card. Breitbart reports that "Morning Joe" blamed lack of funding ten hours after the crash. In the coming days we would hear about budget cuts and crumbling infrastructure. When the possibility of sabotage was raised, lefties would reflexively denounce decreased funding for railroad police. When it was announced that the train in question was going TWICE the speed limit the problem was STILL a funding issue. Remote control speed governors had not been installed and it was all Paul Ryan's fault.

Benghazi. Baltimore, Feguson, Detroit, you name it, the Kool-Aid crowd instinctively blames lack of funding. If a plane falls from the sky it will be the fault of the Republican-controlled Congress. Facts no longer matter and numbers matter even less. Welcome to the Age of Obama.

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