Thursday, May 28, 2015

Report From Pataki Kick-Off

Let me go on record stating that I prefer George Pataki to Rick Santorum. And in light of Hillary Clinton's graft and illegal email shenanigans, I prefer George Pataki to Hillary Clinton. And I definitely prefer George Pataki to the most corrupt and abusive and deceptive and dictatorial president in US History.

It was without a high degree of enthusiasm that I dropped by Pataki's presidential kick-off. There is something serious about a presidential campaign. For this dog and pony show there were at least 100-200 members of the media on hand. And a lot of suits--lots and lots of suits--from Pataki's campaign shipped in from New York. Very few locals.

New Yorkers look out of place twenty miles outside of New York. Texans in Stetsons or Mexicans in sombreros would look more at home than these lost souls. You got the feeling they were just hoping the speech would get over with so they could find the nearest bagel and then they could complain about the local bagels.

Pataki is a good looking 72. He said he was a farm boy and he looks like he could do a day's work if he had to. He seems likable.

For reasons unknown, Pataki gave part of his speech in Spanish. He also had a major flub, concluding with a "right here in Nashua, New Hampshire." We were in Exeter, 45 minutes away from Nashua.

Protestors: A handful of Bernie Sanders types with homemade signs. There were a half dozen or so guys in lime green "No Label" t-shirts, most of whom carried clipboards. They looked a lot like landscapers. Not sure if Pataki is adopting the "no-label" label for his campaign or what they would be doing there. Some of them clapped at applause points so there must be some affiliation.

After the speech, reporters literally bumped into each other trying to find locals to talk to. A real feeding frenzy with just a few scraps of meat in the water.

Given that the GOP field will have more candidates than Spinal Tap had drummers, the race will probably be decided at the convention and just about anyone can win the nomination. I won't write off Pataki, or anyone else for that matter, just yet.

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