Thursday, May 7, 2015

Remembering Kevin Vickers' Courage Under Fire

On October 22, 2014 a self-radicalized lone wolf lone nut lone gunman shared his spiritual insights with the unenlightened fools of Ottawa, Ontario.  He would inflict one fatality and wound three more before his celebration of diversity would be cut short by Sergeant-At-Arms of The House Of Commons of Canada, Kevin Vickers. A bad man with a gun was killed by a good man with a gun.

Canada so appreciated Vickers' heroism that they appointed him to Ambassador to Ireland earlier this year. That's a nice gig.

Back in the good old USA the traffic cop who stopped two militarized work place violence proponents is still anonymous. The Garland Police Department is not releasing his name. At this blog we earlier reported that the attack was stopped by Texas shooters, plural. It seems that it was one Texas shooter, an off-duty Garland Texas traffic cop, who stopped the assault and he was armed with nothing more than a service pistol. That is heroism.

Eventually, we will learn the identity of the Texas straight shooter. If they make him ambassador to a small country, I will not quibble. The anonymous cop is a national hero.

Kevin Vickers

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