Monday, April 13, 2015

Will Hillary Run On Or Away From Obama's Record?

President Hillary seems anything but inevitable. Even the Dems love to bash The Hildabeast. I for one have sympathy for Hillary and for most Democrats.

Like it or not, Barack Obama will be on the ballot for a long time to come. So too, will his minions: Jonathan Gruber, Lois Lerner, Marie Harf to name a few. Obama's record, his achievements if you will, has never been popular. The president won reelection in 2012 by herding millions of blissful idiots whose depth of understanding was "Obama good. Romney bad." The idiots disliked Obama's policies even though they were unable to relate them to Obama. At times, Obama ran against his own record. Change had come to America.

Hillary does not have the idiot appeal Barack Obama has. No one does. Celebrities will not call her, "Lord God and Savior." She will have to face the music on Isis, Yemen, Benghazi, a Middle East and Africa that have grown less stable under her watch. Unlike the Pampered One, she won't be allowed to run away from her past.

Should she sell her State Department tenure to a nation of short-memory voters, Hillary will then have to comment on Obama's domestic policies. The ACA, tepid growth, and colossal debts (with nothing to show for them) illegal immigration, civil unrest and the pervasive atmosphere of discord that only an Alinsky-soaked community could orchestrate...will Hillary stand with Obama on these landmarks? Maybe she will blame Bush.

If they don't shoot themselves in their many feet planted in their many mouths, the millipede GOP will win the White House. It is theirs to win and lose. Barack Obama casts a long shadow and unfortunately for Hillary she is but one more damaged collateral. Shifting metaphor, Hillary and all other Democrats have been dealt a terrible hand but there is still hope the Republicans will discard a winner. In other words, it will probably be a close election.

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