Saturday, April 11, 2015

What? A celebrity with manners?

If you, like I, have all but written off the millennial generation as a sorry and self centered lot of underachievers take a good look at Jordan Spieth. The pride of St. Monica's Catholic High School in Dallas, Texas is going into the final round of the Masters 4 strokes up on his nearest opponent. His third-round 70 today and set a Masters 54-hole scoring record at 16-under 200. Tiger Woods was at 15-under 201 after three rounds in 1997 and Raymond Floyd was at the same number in 1976. This is his second appearance at the Master. He has played a total of 7 rounds and lead in 6 of those.This kid excites me the same way Secretariat and Bobby Fischer did.
No matter the outcome tomorrow Spieth has already raised the standard for public deportment among professional athletes. What a breath of fresh air! He can get through a lengthy interview without once invoking the first person singular pronoun which is all the more astounding considering that he is a Texan. He refers to his new mentor, the legendary Ben Crenshaw as Mr. Crenshaw and states that his special needs sister is the most important person in his life.
On the course it's not just his skill that draws envy but rather his poise and self control. He makes Charlie Rose look like a bundle of nerves and not just when he is playing well. A blown two foot putt is followed by a wince and then and grin and comment to his caddy and then is seems to be forgotten. He is the most self disciplined man in public life today.
He had to rent two houses at Augusta. One where he could sneak off to for a good night's sleep and another for his parents and grandparents, siblings and six friends from high school to party in. The only house rule is golf cannot be mentioned in his presence.
This kid could be as good as he looks!

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