Friday, April 10, 2015

Joel Gilbert's "Dreams From My Real Father" Thoroughly Discredited

I previously reviewed Joel Gilbert's "Dreams From My Real Father"  I compared Gilbert with Oliver Stone. I never thought of Stone's "JFK" as convincing but it was compelling. For all of its flaws it was better than the Warren Report. Gilbert's video for all of its shortcomings at least looks at Obama's murky background. The rest of the media divert their eyes.

At "American Thinker" Jeff Lipkes thoroughly dismantles DFMRF, even challenging Gilbert's credibility.

This is a welcome review. The Left has abandoned the premise of truth but we cannot afford to do so. I don't want a conservative/tea party/constitutionalist version of Barack Obama. I don't want someone who will lie for our cause. My political philosophy and philosophy of life is premised on truth. If we choose our beliefs on their aesthetic value we will make poor choices. Truth, often inconveniently, is on our side.

So if Stan Dunham was never a CIA agent and his daughter was not knocked up by a card-carrying Communist, then why in the world was an adolescent Barack Obama introduced to this dangerous mind? Even in the free spirit 1970's in free thinking Hawaii, most grandparents would not encourage a relationship, a mentoring if you will, with Frank Marshall Davis. This is one of the questions about Barack Obama I would love to see answered.

So we now know about as much about Barack Obama's background than we did in 2008, which is to say, we know almost nothing.

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