Friday, April 17, 2015

In Praise Of Jack Cashill and "American Thinker"

With Thomas Sowell and a handful of other columnists or videographers,  I don't often link to them because the temptation is to link to every word they utter. If Sowell were a baseball player his bating average would be about 800. His greatest hits album would be his bibliography. He is that consistent.

Jack Cashill and "American Thinker" are consistently challenging mainstream attitudes and mental habits that do not involve thought. As such, I rarely link to "AT." It's required reading.

Cashill hits it out of the park once  more.

The identity of Barack Obama is the next generation version of the JFK assassination. A riddle wrapped inside a mystery...and Jack Cashill is Robert Blakey.

The Left's Index is huge. They won't touch unsanctioned authors and they especially avoid books about Obama's identity (what do they read?) OTOH people like Cashill read Remnick, Marannis, Obama and Ayers.

If you don't care to link, I will summarize. Barack Obama's black anger is just one more pose. In going out of his way to establish his blackness, Obama is more concerned with advancing resentment than resolving potential racial strife (Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Henry Louis Gates;) His black identity has been cultivated as shown by his not knowing how to pronounce W. E. B. Du Bois's name. Cashill suggests that Obama was tutored in his black anger by that Masai warrior who goes by the name of William Ayers.

Cashill does it again.

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