Sunday, April 26, 2015

As Baltimore Burns

Haven't we seen this movie?

Here's a good first person account from Breitbart.

The message is the message. We no longer have riots. We have unrest. The word 'insomnia' is waiting in the wings to be deployed.

Most of our lives we have lived under the rule of good people who may or not may not be good at running things. Think Jimmy Carter. He is a good Christian man who tried hard for all of us without much success. The nation has seen countless Jimmy Carters come and go.

The current administration is morally bankrupt. Yes, our country's police are frequently predatory and frequently abusive of their power. But we all know that looting and rioting and attacking baseball fans does not address the situation.

And we know that Barack Obama is influential in our inner cities and that he could probably stop riots in Ferguson or Baltimore but he did not lift a finger to do so. Why let a crisis go to waste? The businesses that were looted and torched? They didn't build that. White privilege. Burn baby burn.

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