Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Just In Time For Holy Week: Mike Pence Cast As Judas

Social issues as they are normally defined don't much interest me. They usually draw more heat than light. One is either for or against the death penalty and no amount of verbiage changes one's mind.

When the topic of gay marriage would come on the radio, I would instantly switch stations. the subject just does not engage me in any sense of the word.

Mike Pence is bothersome for several reasons. I watched his speech live and turned him off. Like most people I respect those who stand on principle if for no other reason than it means they have principles.

I don't know which was more pathetic, Pence's body language or his childish babble.

Governor, did you not read the bill you signed into law?

Could you not find some reason to justify your actions. I am sitting way up in the bleachers half asleep and I could muster a better defense of your actions than you did.

 Could you not point to the other states who have similar laws?

 Could you not remind the haters that Illinois  has a similar religious freedom protection act and it was signed by no other than Barack Obama?

Could you not remind the pundits that we have a similar federal law that passed during the Clinton Administration?

Could you not stand by your constituency instead of the national press?

Could you not tell the national press to take a first person interest in matters sodomitic?

But let's put the coward aside for a minute. Why do we even need statutes to protect constitutional freedoms? That is the fundamental question.

I could not stand to watch Pence weasel around in front of the podium. I figured he was caving and I turned off the TV. Less than an hour later I typed "Pence caves" into the search bar. There were several references to Pence caving on Obamacare but already there were countless references to Pence caving just minutes earlier.

It seems that Mike Pence pays close attention to the hucksters who pedal their silver on Fox News. Sound investment. 30 pieces goes a long way these days, huh governor?

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Hoosierman said...

He pretty much confirmed my opinion of him. Which candidate would have stood his ground? The only one really tested is Walker then again he might not have signed bill but if he had it would still be law.